panda-like calm through fiction

Title Synopsis
Bloody Hands Western number based on the short story of the same name.
Gimick Hit Teaser A short test done for Pencil Head.
New Corpse Smell Adapted from a short story to fill a request for a zombie anthology; it stands in limbo after being orphaned by the last artist.
Jahannam Script A short story of mine adapted to script for Pencil Head's Shorties, an anthology series.
MindTrip: A Rough Time Based on a sequence from my 2004 novel, this six page script was a try out for an artist seeking a collaborator to submit to Dark Horse Comics.
Trench: The One Page Story Trench, a character I haven't used in quite a while, sort of a generic, realistic Batman. I was asked for a one page script submission.
Do.Fir This is a story about urban gang warfare, but also about Darfur. Illustrated by the talented Gio P. Timpano, and viewable here.
The Ragnarök
This is a spec first issue of The Ragnarök. It’s the story of the world after the gods die. A man and a woman inherit the world, but find that it isn’t the paradise it was supposed to be, and even unions chosen by gods may not be perfect.
Herricanes The story of a group of women working at a women's shelter. I would love any and all critiques from female readers.
Herricanes Prequel This was done to fill a request for a fun, action-oriented, playfully seductive short piece. I think it works. Then again, it's only four hours old, so the romance is still fresh.
The Death of Johnny Bolt Part one of a story involving the robotic detective Rex Rocket for Pencil Head's Shorties, full of delicious 20s atmosphere.
Silo R.A.T.S. Part of a larger story involving giant robots and mythology for Pencil Head. A bit rough.
Hellblazer: Spirits of Japan
I wrote this script on the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb. It involves John Constantine, Vertigo's Hellblazer, cleaning up the damaged spectres left behind. It was my first attempt at comic script work, meant for someone new to sequential art, but it’s still a story I enjoy.
Fingernails This script was adapted from my short story, Fingernails, and may still be drawn and included in an anthology. This script contains a sexual assault. Reader discretion is advised.
Closet This script I wrote for an artist friend of mine. Like most artists, he says he probably doesn't have the gumption to tackle this much work, but if you want to see it drawn, bug the shit out of him here. No, actually don't, just give the Steve some love.

Title Synopsis
The Con Teaser The teaser for a spec screenplay I've written.
Preacher Teaser This is a teaser trailer I wrote for an HBO version of Garth Ennis' Preacher. At the time it was written, it was simply a pipe dream, but now, it's actually being written by Mark Steven Johnson and set to be directed by Howard Deutch.
X-Men 4: Genesis This started from a conversation following X-Men 3 about how to save the franchise, which ballooned into a full-blown script. If you happen to be a Fox executive, you should give it a glossing over.
X-Force Pilot X-Force were introduced in the X4 script, and I wanted to continue their story.
X-Force ep. 2: Reunion This episode introduces Banshee, and features Siryn.
X-Force ep. 3: The Dead Pool Nuff said.

Title Synopsis
"RED" Pilot This is the pilot episode to the "RED" animated series about a world where the Soviets are winning the Cold War.
"RED" ep. 2: Enter the Baron This is the second episode from the "RED" animated series, and concludes the sleeper story, while introducing the first recurring villain of the series.
"RED" ep. 4: Operation: Red Scorpion This is the fourth episode from the "RED" animated series. The third, set in Australia and explaining how they got their red jumpsuits, was to be written by another writer from those two necessities; I don't believe it was ever completed. This episode introduces Ivan, a very Jaws-like character, but hopefully less silly and more deadly, while still remaining fun.