panda-like calm through fiction
Survival: Click to Enter Click to view the ongoing comic.

Barren Mind The story of Barry, a bear trapped in a man's body, created using the fun tools available at toonlet.

Shift State Official Site I'm taking over the writing from Zeke Walker, who's producing and lettering. Illustrated by the inimitable Anna Wieszczyk. The six-page art preview is up; captions and dialog will be forth-coming. It can now be purcahsed from Indy Planet.

Diekes One page comic drawn by Zach Erwin .

Do. Fir: Click to Read Artist: Giovanni P. Timpano
Letterer: Jaymes Reed of Digital-CAPS
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A free to distribute seven page story about Darfur, printed as part of the second volume of the Hierograph from TwentyToSix Books. Click here for extras detailing its creation.

New Corpse Smell Comic short, illustrated by Steven Denton based on this short story