panda-like calm through fiction
The various places you can find Nic's work, publishers, collaborators, and friends.
Nic on the Net
Here’s where else you can find me on that there old intarwub.
Death of Superman blog
Batman Comes Out blog

The fine folks who help me look good.
Giovanni P. Timpano
The incredible penciller and inker for both Survival and Do. Fir.

Jaymes Reed of Digital-CAPS
Letterer extraordinaire, creator of logos, and hyperactive emailer.

Zeke Walker
Creator, editor and letterer of Shift State.

Anna Wieszczyk
The inimitable artist behind Shift State, as well as many other glaringly beautiful works.

Zach Erwin
Penciler and inker on the quickly coming M.T.H.R.: G-005-E.

Massacre for Boys, home of Steven Denton (and his brother, Chris)
Illustrator on the upcoming fantasy epic Astrilla, drawer of animals in hats, and swell fella.

The people who help spread my work.
Twenty2Six Books
Producers of the Hierograph anthology; volume 2 of which contained Do. Fir.

Indy Planet
Print on demand publishers of Shift State.

Some useful people to know about.
A Newbies Guide to Publishing
JA Konrath's blog on publishing. An excellent writer's resource.

The single best resource on writing know-how, from one of the screenwriters of Shrek and Pirates of the Carribean.

Danny Burbol's Juvenile Drivel
Home of some of the most demented stick figure comics on the web.

If your link isn't here, and you damned well think it ought to be, well, drop me a line and we'll talk.