panda-like calm through fiction

I know this is going to sound a lot like capitalism, but I promise you, I managed to break my old b2evolution blog through incompetence.

The new blog is going strong, and plans are to make it even stronger than that. But to get there is going to take a lot of time and focus, which means I won't have the time to futz with making a bunch of first-drafts of old, since-published novels available right now. I have to focus on making first-drafts of new novels available right now. Seriously, new things are coming, and you got to hear about it here, first. If you were in the middle of reading something on the old blog, seriously, my heart does go out to you. And if you want to get in touch with me, I'm sure I could set you up as a reviewer; then I could give you a free copy of the story you were reading, but it would be the nice, polished, edited, final version. So hit up the information link on the side of the page, or hit up any of my social media. I promise to try not to destroy more things while you're gone.