New Year’s Resolution

1080P. Because we can’t afford to go full 4K yet.


Fine. Not in the mood for bad/dad humor.

You came here for pitches and an overdue NaNo and the getting ain’t good. I can’t blame anyone who might be salty about that.

But I have a resolution. And it’s one based firmly in experience, rather than what I want. I want to write more. But family issues have prevented it, and unfortunately, those may not be resolving any time soon. So I’m not promising you the moon, just that I’ll show you my moon on a semi-regular basis. Specifically:

My plan all along actually had been to move the pitches to a biweekly thing, posting every other Friday, because then they could be a year-round treat (for all of you as well as for me), instead of a half-year productivity killer that grinds me into a bloody little nub at the precise time I’m supposed to be doing a NaNo. This just gives me a chance to make that switch sooner rather than later. I might have to rename them; maybe call them the Summer/Winter Solpitch (I may need to workshop that). The Summer Pitchfest? I know if I do this a few more years, I can try to publish it as “The Seven Year Pitch.”

As to Nexus 3: stories and characters from this series are going to the freaking moon this year. That hasn’t changed, nor has my desire to finish the trilogy. I just haven’t had a lot of time to work on it. So my goal, right now, is to do a story post every Monday of NaNo progress. Once I finish the novel, I’ll go back to daily posts until we’ve burned it off. But even with the difficulty I’ve been dealing with, I think I should be able to keep to that schedule.

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