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Last Girls: Chapter Three


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Last Girls: Chapter Three

?This'll do,? Angel said, standing on the edge of a lake surrounded on all sides by trees. The road leading to the junkyard was just a few hundred yards behind them, close enough that Alan was sure they could find their way back come the morning.
?Denny, put the tents together. We'll need wood.?
?We'll take that,? Kelly said, pulling Betsy away.
?We'll need to hang up the food that isn't in the cooler.?
?I can handle that,? Lark said, grabbing the food that was still in sacks and some rope.
?And I'll start digging us a pit for the fire.?
?I'll make the rounds,? Alan said, ?make sure there aren't any more serious or lasting injuries.?
?Uh, sure,? Angel said. That reaction amused Alan. So much of Angel's self-worth was so obviously caught up in his masculinity that the moment anyone else had any kind of expertise he shrunk inside himself.
Alan followed Lark to the nearest tree; she was the one person who hadn't been belted in, so if anyone was likely to be more seriously hurt, it was her. ?Any pain?? he asked.
?Only the one in my ass,? she said, before smiling at him.
?I just want to make sure you're okay,? he said.
?A little sore, but no worse than a losing game back in high school. I remember Bay had this one family, like two brothers and three cousins, their defensive line weighed almost as much as a college team. I got sacked like every other down, but other than bruising was okay, and I feel better than I did after that game.?
?That's surprising, given that you didn't have a belt on.?
?I didn't. You remember any of the crash??
?I had my arm around you, for leverage, mostly. But when that truck jack-knifed, and we started to skid, you grabbed onto me, held me tight. It was very sweet.?
?Huh,? he replied.
?You didn't remember that??
?I guess not.?
?Makes sense. First bounce we hit going down that hill your arms stopped me from going flying- but didn't stop me from bonking you in the head pretty good. Might have a shiner, come the morning.?
?No other pain, though?? Alan asked.
?Just normal collision stuff. But I'm fine. And you'll be the first person I tell if that changes.?
?Okay. You need any help with that?? She had the sacks tied, and tossed the rope over a low-hanging branch.
?Nah. They're light even without the leverage.? They both glanced in Angel's direction, where he was using a folding army green shovel to dig a pit in the center of their camping ground. ?Besides, wouldn't want to give him an excuse to pitch either of us shit.?
?No, we wouldn't.?
Alan turned back to the tents. Denny was inside the first, their tent, straightening the supports. As soon as he was inside, Denny grabbed him, and kissed him.

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