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Whores .12: Executive Decision


  06:57:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 461 words  
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Whores .12: Executive Decision

I'd submitted my report the day before, after talking to Peter, suggesting we close the file on Deborah Gladstone. It was my first case, so it didn't surprise me when the chief of detectives asked to see me the next morning.

?That's nice work. Good police work. Thorough. Gottfried could learn a thing or two from you already. Of course, he's mostly just there to keep you and Campbell's seat warm overnight- and on the off chance there's something gender crimes that won't keep. But that happens even less frequently than you'd imagine. The only real problem I see, is it's missing something.?

My mind raced, and in between swearing at myself for screwing up my first case I was scouring my brain for what it might be. But I couldn't think of anything.

?She's going through with it.?

?Excuse me?? I asked.

?We've got an informant. Reliable, well-placed. Says that Gladstone is on the schedule for this afternoon.?

?But she told her fiancé that-?

?Women lie. Men, too; but due to biology we can't lie about our disposition towards our pregnancies. Maybe something changed. Maybe she was stringing along the boyfriend, and planned to 'miscarry' sometime later down the line. I don't know- nor do I give a fuck. I'm not blaming you, Harmon; these cases are tricky, and I meant what I said about the file: it's good work. And the only bit of advice I'd give you: don't try to predict people. They will surprise, and disappoint you, every time.?

I wanted to kick myself; I wanted to kick Deborah, too.

?But on that note,? he said, ?of closing out your first case successfully, SWAT are preparing for a raid. Seeing as your plate is now empty, they asked if they could borrow you. They've got your report, the address and the apartment number. But it ain't easy stealthily inserting a SWAT team- especially since sometimes one of the officers gets twitchy with the ram and knocks in the wrong door. And these abortionists, often they're armed to the teets. So it's crucial for SWAT to get in quick, before they get dug in- otherwise we end up with a domestic firefight on our hands.?

?Yeah,? I said, ?that'd be fine. Happy to help out.?

?Good. That's what we like to hear. And it'll help to have you there to make an ID on Gladstone. To make sure we've got the strongest case possible against her, you'll want to wait until she's in the clinic. It's best if you can interrupt them midprocedure. But I wouldn't wait too long, either; there's the life of a child at stake. And I'd rather let a thousand baby-killers go free, than lose a single child.?  

?I'll keep that in mind, sir.?

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