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Whores .10: Premature


  06:53:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 536 words  
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Whores .10: Premature

I knocked on the door. It brought me back to a few days before, when I'd first been on that doorstep. Peter opened the door, but seemed surprised to see me. ?Detective?? he asked.

?I'm closing out the case,? I told him.

He sighed. ?Thank God, for that. She told me, yesterday, everything that happened. How close she got to going through with it. And I was pissed. She hadn't even talked to me, you know? But she thought about our life together, and maybe having a baby, and... I'm just so glad to have her back.?

?She at home??

?She's at work.?

?Then why aren't you??

?I've been there longer, so they trust me to do my work from home. Unless there's a meeting, I usually telecommute- saves them on office space. That, and the boss is kind of... he's not sexist, exactly, but he's been through two wives, so he doesn't trust women as much. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that Deborah has to go in every day but I don't, I maybe never would have noticed, but it's harder for a woman to get the okay to work from home.?

?That's stupid.?

?That's people, mostly. We all have weird hang-ups- and most of the time we aren't even aware they're there. It sucks, for us... but I don't know, truthfully, if Deborah and I could both work out of the home and still be productive. It's one thing skipping out from work for an extra twenty minutes on our lunch to moon over some Olive Garden. But it's another thing when she's taking off all her clothes and offering to sex me instead of work.?

?Eve tempting Adam away from the drawing table??

?It probably wouldn't be a problem. But if it was... I don't know how I'd solve it. She'd be so happy, having more time with me. But we could both lose our jobs- though I guess with the baby coming, we'll both be home, so that's a hurdle we'll have to jump soon enough.? Then he seemed to realize something. ?Why'd you want to know if she's here??

?I would have liked to talk to her. I'd have kept you out of it, but I could have asked her a few questions. And told her how much danger she was putting herself in. I may be a detective, but I'm a cop, too. My job isn't just to snoop and arrest- I'm also supposed to protect, and serve. But maybe I can call her, later. Just a follow-up.?

?Yeah,? Peter said. There was worry on his face. He wondered if calling me had been the right thing after all.

?Do you think me calling her would be a bad thing?? I asked.

?She's got a real... rebellious streak. I guess I just worry that if you try to put the fear of God into her, she'll go through with it, just to spite you, and God, I guess. She's a sleeping dog, right now; maybe you should just let her lie.?

?Maybe that's for the best,? I said. ?And best of luck, to the both of you.?

He gave me a half-hearted smile, nodded, and shut the door.

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