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  11:57:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 1596 words  
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Whores: Counting On It

?Glad you could make it, Campbell.? He gets one alligator of ogling me before I tell him to knock it off; I'm just getting to the second when he notices my glare and averts his eyes. ?Detective, Sargeant. Why am I here?? It's raining, and it's clear… more »


  09:09:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 624 words  
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Whores .45: Epilogue

?Well, duh, I obviously got away,? Ofelia said over the speaker phone. ?I wish I'd been clever enough to tell her that I'd named him 'Abe, the railsplitter,' but instead I got up and screamed, 'Don't touch him, you pervert!' and kicked her right… more »


  09:08:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 591 words  
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Whores .44: Train to Catch

I got to the station before midnight, which was the last train that would go to Canada tonight. But I still wondered if there would even be a needle, or if I was in the right haystack. Okay, so that's overdramatic; at that time of night, there's maybe… more »


  09:06:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 1879 words  
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Whores .43: Nachthexen

 ?We have shots fired at the stadium. All available units, proceed to the area to provide assistance.? ?That's our cue,? Mae said. ?But I want you to hold back,? she told Lisa. ?You're there for support. Samarra and I have worked… more »


  09:04:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 857 words  
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Whores .42: Execution

I was pissed. Nothing the captain said could make me okay with being carved out of my own investigation and left on the sidelines. And I wasn't comforted by the fact that the investigation had basically been carved out of the department, as a whole.… more »


  09:00:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 944 words  
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Whores .41: PR Coup

?This is the last time, ladies,? Mae said sternly. ?For some of us, this is goodbye. For others, it's just the last time we get to cry, before we have to cowgirl up and get the job done.? Ofelia hugged everyone. She hated going, but Lisa had… more »


  08:48:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 728 words  
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Whores .40: The Loop

I was already late, a few days. Not definitively late, or even late enough I'd usually worry, but I'd just been told that getting pregnant would probably kill me. So now it was hard not to worry about the hours that had already passed since I was due to… more »


  08:44:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 1942 words  
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Whores .39: The Plan

Clint slept on the couch of their hotel room without asking if he should. Lisa thought about inviting him to share the bed with her, anyway. She didn't want to sleep with him, and she wasn't done being angry at him for what he'd done. But she thought… more »


  08:41:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 600 words  
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Whores .38: Safety

I called Gottfried on my way to drop Wilkerson off at the hospital to have his melon analyzed. We'd gotten the location of a safe house off a couple of the girls, and he was at the courthouse  getting me a warrant to search it. I pulled up outside the… more »


  08:37:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 1086 words  
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Whores .37: Reunion

Lisa knocked on the door to the clinic. It was a room in an old bed and breakfast, though the caretakers didn't put too much effort into keeping it up. She knocked again, and found herself wondering if there were a special knock. She was about to ask… more »


  10:44:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 783 words  
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Whores .36: Mayday

Gottfried was sweating. I was pretty sure that was why he preferred the night shift, because at any temperature over 45.1º Fahrenheit, he was soaked in ballsweat; it didn't matter what part of his body it was coming out of- even his face smelled like… more »


  10:42:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 1739 words  
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Whores .35: Asylum

The first paddy wagon was too small to hold all of the women, but they crammed enough in that Officer Wilkerson could fit the last few in his patrol car. Looking at the women, stacked in the back like steer, Lisa felt lucky. But turning back to… more »


  10:40:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 870 words  
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Whores .34: Interrogation

?Why?d you shoot Detective Harmon?? I choked on the words. After what we had, it was probably  inappropriate, conducting this interview myself. But after what had happened with Wilkerson, I wasn't sure anyone else would see it through. The other… more »


  10:38:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 882 words  
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Whores .33: Blood of Patriots

Lisa tried to remain deathly still. She'd heard stories of horses that appeared psychic because they could read the expectations off of people, subtle clues. But Harmon stopped right in front of the Shelter. They did know where it was, just like Clint… more »


  10:36:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 868 words  
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Whores .32: Rubicon

I was late. Lost. I was supposed to meet up with a couple of uniforms. That digging I'd done on the truck had led to a break in the case. It had seemed mostly innocuous, at the time, but together with information gleaned from interrogating a female… more »

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