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Lunacy: Zero


  06:17:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 532 words  
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Lunacy: Zero

?This is insane,? Jenkins protested. ?You can?t spell insane without NASA,? Ken said, and smiled. ?That?s? technically correct. Though you?d either have to reuse the second a or just badly misspell the word.? ?Insanity?s a prerequisite in our line of work,? Ken reaffirmed. ?That may be. But the DoD isn?t likely to just play ball.? ?Maybe,? Ken said. ?But either we tempt them with a handy on our terms, or we clench up and wait to be ravished- and I don?t mean that by way of flowery fantasy novel seduction- I mean it in the prison shower room sense.? ?I got that. And don?t take my reservation to mean look what we?re wearing, we deserved it, but- what if this scientific prick tease only gets them more interested.? ?Should be that what we give them they can culture indefinitely. Should be more than enough to study. And if they?re reckless and crazy enough-? he paused, and smiled, ?when they recklessly and crazily decide on human trials, they can snatch up some of their own recruits. Leastways that makes them less likely to cut them open, and at least guarantees medical, and benefits to their families. It ain?t perfect. And I can?t rule out the idea of cooler heads prevailing. The Joint Chiefs aren?t always warmongering sociopaths. Unless it?s Tuesday. But we?re here.? Ken slid his keycard into the door, and tapped in his code. Most of the labs in that wing had been closed a decade, and the whole place still stunk of dust. ?Am I getting HBO anytime soon?? the old man asked before Ken could say a word. ?I told you you were free to go.? ?You said that, and then you said that the Chinese knew where I lived, and that the DoD would probably find out about me sooner rather than later, and that if I stayed you?d guarantee my safety- and get me HBO.? ?Well now we?ve got a bigger issue than your pretentious viewing habits.? ?Oh?? Hamish asked. ?I?m fairly certain the Defense Department knows about you. Not specifically, understand, but the generalities, that somebody of your? talents exists under their nose.? ?That is a big issue. And I can't say I like the prospect of being vivisected.? ?Vivisected?? ?My old man was with the contingent that oversaw the destruction of unit 731?s camp. He had pictures- all kind of pictures- of the horrors the Japanese inflicted on the Chinese. But I guess that?s what people do without ?love thy enemy.?? ?You don?t think our Army?s a Christian?? ?Not since Vietnam, I don?t,? Hamish said. Ken nodded. ?I think I may have a way around your vivisection,? he said. ?What I'd like to do is have Jenkins biopsy your important organ systems.? ?Again?? Hamish complained. ?One last time. Jenkins will escort the samples to the DoD. And I'll drive you the hell out out of here. I made sure there isn't a single mention of your name beyond the alias, ?Zero,? anywhere, in the official record. They shouldn't be able to track you down. If you want, you could disappear. If not- you should be able to live out the rest of your days at home.?

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