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Lunacy: Zenith


  06:21:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 501 words  
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Lunacy: Zenith

?So we're concerned that you two are going to wolf out when we get closer to Mars?? Clod asked. ?It's a possibility,? Paul said. ?Likelihood?? Clod asked. ?Probability is for crap in this case,? Paul said. ?I could tell you one in four- but if that one is the outcome in the real world, then people have a one in one chance of getting hurt.? ?So we should take precautions,? she said. ?But this time I'm taking a tablet,? Rica said. ?And I'd like my own room.? ?I don't know if that's a good idea,? Paul said. ?If you are going to have issues. I want to be there. To keep you from hurting yourself.? ?Or anybody else?? she asked. ?The way you stopped Alisa?? Clod's mouth dropped open. ?If it comes to it,? Paul said. ?And if it comes to it, I'd want you to stop me, too.? She knew her reaction was more aggressive than usual- it was all she could do not to attack him outright. She had enough perspective to know she wasn?t in her right mind, and forced herself to say, ?Okay.? ?Levy and I will gather up supplies. He rigged together some modifications. We should be able to have a little more power than last time, and we?ve hooked up one of the burners from the lab, so we can have some warm meals, at least for the first few days.? ?You okay?? Clod asked. ?Profoundly not,? Rica said. ?Want to talk about it?? she asked. ?Where to start? Paul murdered my girlfriend, and it?s hard not to think that a part of his reasoning was that she was a threat to his domination. And I?m now strong enough to threaten his dominance, and I?m about to be locked in a small cell with him and a convenient excuse for why ?Two men enter, one man leave.?? ?Levy?? Clod asked. ?I think I finally understand his fascination with Thunderdome.? ?That?s reason enough to worry about you,? Clod deadpanned. ?But I feel really? vulnerable is probably the right word. Everything feels threatening. Everything puts me on edge. And I?ve always been shy. And introspective. And maybe a bit neurotic. But now those things make me want to fucking tear out the world?s throat.? She was shaking, and Clod reached out a hand to comfort her. ?Don?t,? Rica said, and her voice was mostly growl. ?I can feel it,? she said, and a tear ran over the lip of her eyelid. ?I?m losing control of myself. And as? scared as I am, of Paul, I?m just as scared of hurting anybody else. I hate that Lisa?s dead- but I?m just as scared of becoming her.? ?It?s different, now,? Clod said. ?We know things we didn?t, then. We recognize the signs. And Paul?s been through all of this once, now. If we knew then what we?ve learned, maybe we could have helped Lis, but?? Clod reached for her, hesitated, then touched her arm, ?you?re going to be okay.?

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