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Lunacy: You What?


  06:32:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 433 words  
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Lunacy: You What?

?You what?? Paul asked, incredulous. He stared, beleagueredly while the signal crawled to the Moon and then back, and Ken turned the camera so Paul could see the Station behind him. ?I?m on the Moon.? ?I don?t care if Satan?s flossing his colon with you. But you brought Laura.? ?I did,? Ken said matter of factly. ?How is it you haven?t been committed to an insane asylum.? ?I think the preferred term is ?mental health facility.? And she came because she wanted to. And because she?s got bigger stones than the rest of the so-called astronauts we left back on Earth. And she wasn?t in danger. I made sure the port was empty before we touched down. And I made sure the Station was safe before she came down the Elevator. There were risks- there always are, but at every step I did what I could to safeguard her.? ?And you couldn't ask me, first?? ?You're not her father. And she's a grown-up girl.? ?And I'd have said, 'No.'? ?You probably would have. But it wasn't your call.? ?The hell it wasn't.? ?It wasn't. You'd have played the tragic, noble hero, and forbid her from coming to the Moon. You'd have hated yourself, and died alone from masturbation-induced exhaustion. And I've single-handedly saved you from that fate.? ?And what if I wanted to try things with Maria? We've got a kid together.? ?I remember how you two ended things. There's no coming back from that- you know that better anybody.? ?Doesn't stop you and Eren; you two get together and hate-bang seasonally.? ?Yes, but we always hate ourselves afterwards. It's good sex, maybe even great. But that doesn't mean it gets in the way of the loathing.? ?What if I don't want her to be like me?? Paul asked sullenly. ?Why not? You're not so bad, all considered; hell, if you had tits and a weaker jaw, I'd want you for myself.? ?You know what I mean.? ?I do. And she knows what she's getting into. In fact, she's getting more of a choice on the matter than most of the folks up here with us. If she doesn't want to get a little wolf in her, da dum tsh, she can always ride back down on the next shuttle, or go back with Claude.? ?Unless somebody mauls her,? he said. ?Not happening. I've got Ang and Mai escorting her around. She's not thrilled with it, of course, but so far nobody's so much as growled at her. But you shouldn't be talking to me. She'll need you. And you'll need her, too.?

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