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Lunacy: Spaceshuttle Built for Two


  06:29:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 507 words  
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Lunacy: Spaceshuttle Built for Two

?We have ignition,? Alan said over the radio. The shuttle started to shake under Laura. ?Is it too late to say no?? she asked with a grin. ?Yes.? Ken said. ?But I have a dog.? ?No, you don?t.? ?I wanted a dog.? ?Mai tells me Maria?s son is very dog-like.? ?Son?? she asked. ?Um. Crap. Did no one mention that?? ?That? all makes sense.? She?d never questioned it before. The idea that her boyfriend contracted a strange illness in space, and that the same illness had ravaged the Lunar Station. She had never asked how it spread, but the moment Ken mentioned a son? she put it all together as he watched. ?It is too late to turn the car around,? Ken said, and winced. ?No,? she said. ?It?s okay. I mean, I might try to tear her hair out when I see her-? ?Loathe as I am to preempt a cat fight- it could pretty quickly turn into a dog fight- and she?d win.? ?I?m okay. As okay as I think I can be, I guess. I suppose that gives us things to talk about, if he makes it back from Mars.? ?When, he gets back,? Ken corrected. ?But since I'm having honest conversations with people. Why did you ask me to come to the Moon? And I don't think wanting to have a copilot or even somebody to share the trip up with is the whole answer. And like you just said, I'm trapped in this tube. Can't go anywhere. So tell me.? ?I asked Zero first. He wanted to live on his own terms.? ?You know that's not what I meant. I want to know why you were so desperate to have a copilot.? ?Honestly?? ?Truth.? ?Nobody wants to die alone.? ?Motivational speaking is not your forte.? ?Not that I think we?re either of us going to die. But, nobody wants to be the only guinea pig, no matter how certain you are of an outcome. On that note, I had the Lunar Elevator locked down remotely. You?ll stay put there while I check out the Station. If nobody eats me, I?ll give you the all clear.? ?And if not?? ?Well,? Ken said, ?that's the other reason I wanted to make sure you were able to fly on your own. You can take the shuttle back to Earth.? ?And what do you think the odds are that'll happen?? ?Truth?? ?No reason to stop now.? ?Mai said 70%. But I'd lop some of that off, since she's got a parasite that has made her violently aggressive; it's even a possibility that the disease has developed an awareness, that it might be trying to draw in more prey. It's a bit science fictiony to assume that's what's happening, but I'd correct my survival chances down to 50%.? ?So you'd flip a coin to get into space?? Ken smiled. ?I'd play roulette to get into space- even if every space but 28 meant horrific dismemberment.? ?You're a crazy person.? ?Nope,? he said, and couldn't contain his grin, ?I'm an astronaut.?

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