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Lunacy: Satellite


  06:39:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 604 words  
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Lunacy: Satellite

?You don't have to stay up here,? Paul said. ?One of us was always going to have to,? she said. ?And Perseus has taken enough damage I don't really trust all the automated systems to behave like they're supposed to. I'm much more comfortable staying up here.? Paul stepped inside the lander and buckled himself in. ?We'll miss you,? Rica said, and hugged her. ?You'll conference call me every day you're down there. And we still have a couple Planet of the Apes movies I can stream down to the surface so we can group watch.? Rica followed Paul into the lander. ?You're sure you want to stay in orbit?? Levy teased ?But you're so close,? Levy said. ?You came so far. You can see the surface from here. To not set even one foot down on it...? ?Stop trying to enable me,? Clod said. ?It's the right thing to do. But I wanted to get a chance to talk to you. Thank you, really. You saved me. When Rica- I hated being rescued, so I know I wasn't exactly gracious afterward, but, thank you. And... it makes me sad. Because I think I was starting to warm to you.? ?Warm?? he asked. She blushed. ?As in you were getting closer to hot?? Levy asked, unbelieving. ?Maybe,? she said. ?Eventually. We've been through so much, and... you were really there, for the rest of the crew, for me. I don't know how I would have gotten through all of it without you.? ?It was a team effort,? Levy said. ?And I could say the same for you. But It's so very cruel of you to tell me that.? ?It was so very cruel of you not to tell me you were going to be marooned on Mars. So I'd say we're even.? Levy swallowed. ?But I'd have worried that you were making a mistake. I saved you, and that?s gratifying in a caveman kind of way, but I don?t want to be rewarded like a Pavlovian dog for it. And I don?t want you to feel obligated, either. I wanted you on my terms- or maybe for your terms and mine to sync up.? ?I'm not saying we definitely would have, but... I think we were synching up.? ?Damnit,? Levy said. ?I missed my shot because of the unrelenting space diarrhea, didn't I?? ?That didn't help. But... I just realized something: you're brilliant. But you've effectively removed yourself from the gene pool. Not that I'm proposing I carry back your lovebaby, but that seems like such a waste.? ?NASA banked a whole bucketful of Levy DNA before I left.? ?Bucket? Uck. I'm picturing like a pail, that farmers use to milk cows by hand, and he's carrying it around and it's sloshing, spilling over the edge.? ?Farmers have softer hands than you'd think.? ?Okay, that's an image I'm never getting out of my brain.? ?Not without a hot poker, you're not.? ?Ulk. I think it'll be a while before I can drink dairy again.? ?Moo.? ?Maybe forever.? She hugged him. ?But every time you turn down a milkshake, you'll think of me. Just like I'll think of you every time I make one.? ?Ew.? ?With soy milk,? Levy protested. ?I'm taking a lot of soy plants planetside. And I think I've figured out a recipe for a decent soy shake.? ?Take care,? she said, and squeezed him harder. ?You're going to have to let me go,? Levy said. ?Because so long as you're holding me like this, I won't have the wherewithal to leave on my steam.? She kissed his cheek, and let go.

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