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Lunacy: Sacrificial Limb


  06:17:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 423 words  
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Lunacy: Sacrificial Limb

Skot woke to his arm throbbing. But that made sense. He was suffering from serious radiation poisoning. He forced his eyes open, and stared at his right elbow, where there was supposed to be a forearm. ?Sorry about that,? Mai said over the comms. She was standing on the other side of a heavy glass plate around his bed. ?Bill's radiation therapy required more rads than we could get from the conventional method. And you were the nearest match for a donor. So it seemed synergistic until... well, we were getting a marrow sample and your arm fell off. The tendon deteriorated to the point where it couldn't hold your arm in place. The early indication is that it's going to grow back, once we've gotten rid of the irradiated tissue; I've got the limb on ice, and we might even be able to reattach that once your tendon's had time to heal.? ?Okay,? he said. ?But how'd I get here?? ?I carried you're heavy ass,? Ang said, stepping into the room. ?Then why isn't he in here with me. ?Because he didn't spend ten minutes dinkering inside a nuclear reactor,? Mai said. ?But how'd he get inside?? Skot asked. ?Speed,? Ang said. ?Once you had repaired the reactors, I thought it prudent to allow him to retrieve you. And despite your threat, I felt rescuing you was worth the risk to my processors,? Speed said. ?You sneaky silicon bastard,? Skot said. ?More important,? Ang said, ?now that you've made yourself into a giant irradiated wolf, what do we call you? The Incredible Hulf? A Wulk.? ?Abomination?? he asked sullenly. ?How's Bill?? ?It's early days,? Mai said. ?We managed to tank his immune system, which was step one. But trying to grow another immune system in its place, one that will tame his body's natural antagonism to this infection? Symbiosis. Whatever it is. It's a longer process- one I haven't really engaged in before. Early signs seem positive, and the planetside doctors I'm consulting with seem measuredly optimistic.? ?And the power?? ?We're back up to 60%. There's some damage we'll have to fix, but communications are back online. We've already found out some things. Perseus had a similar problem to ours.? ?Casualties?? ?Two.? ?The rest infected?? ?Half.? ?How'd they manage that?? ?I'm hoping to find out,? Mai said. ?We're going to do a three-way video conference.? ?The video delays are going to be maddening at that range,? Skot said. ?But not as maddening for us as for Ground Control,? Mai said with a grin.

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