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Lunacy: Sabatier


  06:39:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 468 words  
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Lunacy: Sabatier

?How?s it going?? Rica asked Levy. ?Damnit,? he said, setting down his tablet. ?What?? she asked, her voice suddenly sharp and high. ?Oh, nothing,? he said, and smiled. ?Just, the Sabatier reactor? it seems like there should be an easy joke about sabotage, or maybe at least suffering suckatash, and I was hoping to wrap my head around it before somebody asked.? ?Oh,? she said. ?Other than your strained attempts at comedy, how?s it going?? ?Right now it?s going,? he said, and frowned. ?Reactor?s redlining- I can?t push it any further without risk of burning it out. And right now it?s just on the cusp. I mean, our fuel requirements are built on the most ridiculously pessimistic assumptions possible, but seeing as we?ve got homeostasis at a 93% annual return even with the two of you down here, I?d rather waylay you the two years than send you home without the fuel to correct course or recover from whatever.? ?Ugh. Two years. Don't remind me,? she said. ?Sorry. But for me, you know, I'd rather not spend the next two years worrying you guys won't be able to make it home. Even if it means us sharing the teeny little bathroom down here. But that's only if I can't get this working.? ?So you're not in that big a hurry to get rid of us?? she asked him, pretending to be hurt. ?Don?t get me wrong, because there?s a part of me that would love to sabotage the reactor. If I wasn?t already so fond of talking to myself and robots, I?m pretty sure even the concept of staying here indefinitely would drive me crazy. But I know it?s different, and it?s going to be? an adjustment. And I?m happy to have you guys as long as I can.? ?Having said that, Paul?s got a kid. And an ex-wife. And a girlfriend. The latter two of which might be catfighting on the Moon as we speak?? he stared into space with a grin on his face, and Rica slapped the back of his head. He shook his head, and looked at her. ?I deserved that,? he said. ?Pictures, is what I?m saying, take many of them.? Rica raised her hand again, and Levy raised his arms defensively. ?Of the kid, obviously. He?s got pretty parents, so he?s probably going to be painfully adorable. And eventually, probably a teen wolf. Which will make him good at basketball. And acting, or something.? Rica hugged him. ?I really am going to miss you.? ?You don't have to. We can totally stream movies together. I could do the math so one of us is a few seconds ahead, to compensate for the signal delay.? ?The other person would be aware they were delayed, though.? ?We'll figure something out,? he said. And squoze back.

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