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Lunacy: Post


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Lunacy: Post

?How's our patient?? Paul asked groggily, sitting up from his bed in the med lab.

?Which one?? Clod asked, glancing over at the two extra beds extended out of the wall.

?I've been pretty out of it, but I heard something about a gunshot.?

?Alisa. She'll live. And Rica seems fine.? Clod said. ?Though much to my fucking surprise, my other patient just woke up.?

?It's funny how they do that,? Paul said, trying not to let it show how much effort smiling took. ?Help me up.? She got under his shoulder, and helped support him as he slid his feet onto the floor.

He grabbed one of the tablets off the wall, and started scanning through the medical data. He stopped at Clod's report of Alisa's admittance. He read through it quickly, then looked up and hobbled over to Alisa's bed. He lifted the sheet, checked the wound site. Then he flipped through a few still images from the surgery cameras. ?You did a good job, Clod.?

?Gunshots I can handle,? she said.

?Don't short yourself. This is good, clean work. I've known ER surgeons- veterans in their field- who would be proud to claim this as their work. And it's not that routine. How many laser wounds have you cleaned??


?As in zero??

?As in less than one but greater than negative one.?

?That figures. These kinds of weapons aren't legal in conventional warfare. There are a few law enforcement agencies fielding similar tech- though most of those would burst a hole right out through the other side of the spacecraft. Anyway, I've seen a few. They cauterize, which is nice- people don't bleed out from them. But you correctly guessed that that doesn't necessarily remove any risk of internal bleeding.?

?Her kidney was burned but the wound was still bleeding, and oozing kidney juice into her body.?

?She'd have become septic. Which would have used up a ton of our antiseptics- presuming we could have saved her.?

?She shouldn't be here,? Clod said.


?Levy shot her.?

?He had reason to.?

?Not this shit. Not you, too.?

?Clod, it's real. It's fucked up, and I don't claim to understand it- any of it, really. But Alisa attacked him, the same as when I attacked her- or when I tried to hurt myself. She attacked him, and he was defending himself. Of that I have no doubt.?

?I'm not ready to believe in, in werewolves,? Clod said.

?Then don't. But you know us. You know we've been acting more aggressive- even to the point of violence. Something's happened, here. But that'll keep for now. Today, you should focus on the fact that because of you this is a post-op, not a post-mortem. You should take some comfort in that. It's a victory. We're about due.?

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