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Lunacy: Outage


  06:15:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 982 words  
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Lunacy: Outage

?Where's Vince?? Skot asked. ?I honestly don't know,? Ang said. ?They hadn't found him or Colleen when I took the train up to Alpha to get the rest of you.? ?Nobody mentioned him,? Skot said. ?I wanted to ask. But David's dead. Bill's dying...? Ang put his hand on Skot's shoulder. ?Do you think that means-? ?I think it means nobody mentioned him. He could still be missing. Maybe he made it up to the spaceport. I doubt he'd be able to communicate with us down here with the power so screwed up.? ?All the more reason to get it back on, then,? Skot said. He didn't believe Ang, and even wondered if he was being manipulated. But he wanted something comforting for the moment, se he was glad to have the delusion. Skot took Ang into the main electrical juncture room, past a sign that read ?Speed's Room.? ?Was he getting tired of people walking in on him masturbating?? Ang asked. ?Sort of,? Skot said. ?He's surprisingly sensitive, for a computer. He didn't feel like part of the crew, not having his own space. And he's a massive array of servers, so it's not like we could just put him in his own pod- or even move him, really. So Vince had the bright idea of just putting the sign on the door, and having people knock. Which reminds me.? He stopped, and knocked out shave and a haircut on a metal circuit case. ?Speed?? he called. ?Crap. I didn't have high hopes. But this would have all been simpler if Speed was still up and running.? ?Can't we just flip his breaker?? ?Nope,? Skot said. ?He's wired directly into the power. He's got breakers that can trip if there's a surge or something, but there's no way for me to reboot him. And you're biosystems, right?? ?Yeah.? ?Which means you're even more useless for this than I am,? he said. ?But that's probably irrelevant, anyway,? Skot said. ?Because we don't have the power to light a potato, let alone run the world's most advanced and sensitive server.? Skot turned the corner to Speed's server farm. There were circuit boards and chips strewn about the floor. ?And from the looks of it, he might not be in working order even then. And unless you spent your childhood assembling computers-? ?Hey.? ?I meant as a hobby- then this is probably beyond our abilities.? He moved past the servers to the central power juncture, to where the real damage was. ?We've got breakers tripped. We've got what looks like a slashed up circuit. But really, it only looks bad. It's all pretty cosmetic- the kind of damage you get with a vandal, or a wild animal fucking up your systems. But not reasoned sabotage by somebody who knows what they're doing. Which is why I don't understand... fuck it. Maybe there's more to it than it appears. I'm going to flip the breakers, then do a full reboot of the power system. That should get us back to limping along, at least.? Skot toggled the breakers first. ?Nothing?? Ang asked. ?Not surprising, there,? Skot said. ?We're oddly constrained. The tripped breakers only made it worse. But it doesn't fix the underlying problem.? He typed his override into the console. Even the emergency lighting in the room went down. ?Probably should have warned you about that. Power should come back in thirty seconds. And the medical areas have their own dedicated back up batteries, so the others should have continuous power regardless. It's just us standing around in the dark.? There was silence, and Skot thought he heard movement somewhere in the dark. A low growl rumbled somewhere off to his left. Skot's heart started to race, and he felt his bones starting to stretch. He closed his eyes and clamped his hand down on the edge of the console he was logged into. It warped and groaned. When it passed, he said, ?Not funny, Ang.? The emergency lights came back on, and Ang stifled a laugh. ?... it was a little funny.? Ang looked up at the ceiling. ?How long before the rest of the lights come on?? Skot frowned. ?That should have done it. But I've got nothing. I'm being overridden. But that doesn't make any sense. The only thing that should be able to override power use is Speed, and he's an empty metal box right now.? A door behind Skot opened. ?That's creepy,? he said. ?And yet... it makes sense. If we're going to figure out where the power's gone wrong, the relay station's our best next step.? Skot walked through the door. It only took him ten seconds to see there was no damage, not physically or electrically. Another door slid open at the back of the room. ?This time that doesn't make any sense. I've never even seen that door before,? Skot said. ?That's because it wasn't a door,? Ang said. ?It was a flammmable materials cabinet.? ?Secret door?? Skot asked with a swallow. ?My eleven year old Hardy Boys reading self just popped his first pubescent boner.? ?And we're following it?? ?I'm not going to spoil my eleven year old self's inaugural wood.? Skot went through the door first. Ang eyed it suspiciously. He didn't trust it not to slam shut on them the moment he was through. And he'd seen enough adventure movies to know the Asian guy basically never made it to the end. ?Whoa,? Skot said. Ang furrowed his brow. It looked like yet another small room packed tight with computers, to him. ?I did some wiring on the control room for that new reactor they installed in Houston. It looked exactly like this. Mother-fuck.? ?Please tell me that what's written on that monitor is an April Fool's joke,? Ang said. ?Why?? Skot asked, turning while asking, ?What's it say?? ?Reactor meltdown,? they said together.

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