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Lunacy: Opposite Reaction


  06:14:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 418 words  
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Lunacy: Opposite Reaction

?How bad is it?? Maria asked. Bill had been unconscious since about halfway through Mai's examination. ?About as bad as it gets. His human immune system is attacking the wolf parts of him. And the wolf parts are, for lack of a better word, counterattacking. It's basically dueling autoimmune diseases- a microorganic civil war raging inside his body. And it really doesn't matter who's winning- he's losing.? ?And our solutions?? ?We're in kind of uncharted waters, since most human beings don't have chimaeric DNA.? ?I know that glint in your eyes. You've got a naughty idea- possibly unethical, but probably brilliant.? ?The transformation basically rewrites our DNA, right? The problem is his system's allergic to the new DNA. But there's a chance that the transformation would work again- on his immune system- if we could give his immune system a hard reboot, first.? ?You mean wiping his immune system. Like giving him AIDS?? ?I'm not sure the new DNA wouldn't be able to kick HIV's ass- at a minimum it would retard what's already a way too long process- Bill's got days, maybe weeks, if only because our bodies are now a hell of a lot more resilient. No. The only way I know of to reliably drain away somebody's immune system is radiation.? ?And we have that?? Maria asked. ?Some. My only reservation is that the wolf form might be more rad resistant. And we'd have to destroy bone marrow from both for this to work. Because if there's even a cell of the old marrow in place, it will reproduce and Bill will go through this whole thing again. And while these bodies are more resistant, I imagine they're still subject to the same idea of accumulation.? ?Come again for those of us without a background in human biology,? Skot said. ?You know the old adage that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger? That might be true emotionally, or psychologically. But physically it's bunk. Most things that don't kill us still take a toll. If it's a bump in the road, you know, the occasional cold, no big deal. But chronic injuries, illnesses, near-death experiences, bad habits like smoking or over or under eating- they all take time off your life. Stress shortens telomeres- and few things stress the body like illness.? ?When can we start him on radiation?? ?Immediately. But we'll need to get more power to the full medical office.? ?I can look into that,? Skot said. ?I'll go with him,? Ang said.

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