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Lunacy: Movie Night


  10:35:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 595 words  
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Lunacy: Movie Night

?Just to be clear, who are we supposed to blame for this idea, when this goes tits up?? Clod asked, hunkering down in her seat on the couch.

?Mmmmm, tits,? Rica said, ?we remembered to pick something with tits, didn't we?? She buried herself against Alisa?s shoulder. 

?The Movie Night was Paul and my idea, and well,? Levy said, ?we had narrowed it down to 2001: A Space Odyssey, or Showgirls... but Paul cast the deciding vote for Kubrick.?

?Well, if it's Kubrick there's got to be nipples in it,? Rica said. ?Right??

?This isn't Eyes Wide Shut dirty old man Kubrick, or even cheeky Clockwork Orange Kubrick.?

?So, no boobies??

?No,? Levy said, ?no boobies.?

 ?There'll be plenty of time for Showgirls,? Martin told her. ?Underrated Verhoeven.?

?Then why didn't you vote for it?? Levy asked.

?Because 2001 just felt more... appropriate.?

?And I just figured we've got two more years together to be completely awkward around one another,? Paul said, shifting uncomfortably from the couch, ?like, just to take this as a for instance, sporting an erection while flanked by female crewmates.?

?Yeah, how did you get a seat on the couch??

?Clod saved it for me.?

?Of course,? Levy said.

?And I won't judge your dude-erection, so long as you don't begrudge me my girly-boner,? Rica said.

?That's sweet,? Paul said.

?So we can watch Showgirls?? she asked with a bouncy quality to her voice.

?Next time. I promise, you have my vote.?

?Wait,? Levy said. ?None of us have anywhere we have to be for another year, right?? Paul wanted to tell him bed, since they wanted to stay on a schedule, but he bit his tongue. ?Why not marathon it? A 2001/Showgirls double-feature.? 

?Wait,? Clod said. ?So we're starting with a movie that opens on what is basically a big black penis metaphor, and then we're following that with a boobtacular titstravaganza.?

?That sounds pretty equal opportunity to me,? Martin said, crunching on some burnt corn.

They watched the Kubrick movie first. After the credits started to roll, Levy muted the sound. ?What the fuck did I just watch?? Levy asked.

?I thought you'd seen 2001 before,? Paul said.

?Never stone-cold sober. And... I think it made more sense when I was stoned. Wait... I think I remember reading the book, too.?

?Was the ending to that any clearer? Paul asked.

?I don't know. I can't remember.?

?How could you read Arthur Clark high?? Alisa asked.

?I was twenty-one,? Levy said, ?I could do anything high.? 

?Aren't you only twenty-six?? Alisa asked.

?Five years is practically a lifetime to a twenty-something.? 

?So,? Rica said, ?Showgirls??

?I don't know if I can do it,? Levy said. ?Watching 2001, it was like the ending was about creating babies. I'm not sure I can enjoy the making part of that process now.?

?Look,? Paul said, cuing up the next video, ?if you haven't changed your mind by the end of Elizabeth Berkley's first stage dance, you can go to bed, okay??

?This isn't some kind of trick, is it??

?I'm not a headshrinker,? Paul said. ?You want to go to bed, go for it. You want to have a minor mental breakdown because Kubrick was an inscrutable director- it's your dime.?

?Waitaminute... Berkley doesn't get onstage for a full half hour. You did trick me. Bastard.?

?Only you, and maybe Speed, would know that off the top of your head.?

?You?re just jealous of my encyclopedic knowledge of nude trivia- trivial though it may be.?

?You got me. You staying??

?No guarantees. But I?ll wait for Berkley.?

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