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Lunacy: Laura


  09:51:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 786 words  
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Lunacy: Laura

Paul sighed. It was his last night on Earth, at least for the next few years. And it was going to be at least that long before he?d hold Laura again. She was sitting with him on a blanket, under stars, but tonight, so close to touching them, he couldn?t pull his eyes away from her.

?I love you, and we?ve had-? he stopped, to compose himself, to put a little more firmness in his voice. ?I love the time I spent with you. But you?re 22. I?ll be gone for almost a tenth of how long you?ve been alive. And there?s so much here that you?ll be missing out on if you?re staring up at the sky and pining away for me.?

?Fuck you. You?re not leaving me to go to the Moon.?

?And Mars.?

?I?m not a fucking child, and you?re not my fucking father- and not just for how very gross that would make us screwing. So stop trying to make decisions for me, or protect me. Or are you looking for a license to fool around? I?ve seen the press conferences, the way the butch lesbian looks at you.?

?If she?s a lesbian why would she?

?Okay, maybe she?s not a lesbian, but the one with the short, milspec hair who stands like she?s trying to pass for a boy.?

?I?m not looking to screw around. God, I was celibate for a year after my wife left me, being in a pod and separated from most temptation should make that easier. But you won?t be. And what I?m saying is you should do what you want to do.?

?I want to be with you, doing you.?

?I know, babe. But you can?t. Because I have to go. This is me, doing what I want to do. And I?m saying you should have that same right, that same freedom. If you want to try and wait for me, I love a good love story, and that sounds perfect to me. But if you find yourself wanting to move on, do something else, with your time, with yourself? I want you to be happy. Whatever that means, whatever it takes for you to get there.?

?I can?t believe you?re leaving me for space.?

?In fairness, I  fell in love with her first. And she?s got more badonkadonk.?

?Badonka- wow. You are such an old man.? She snuggled into his shoulder. ?But you?re my old man.?

?You shouldn?t- I?m not holding you to that.?

?Well I am. Hurry back to me.?

?It?s two years, and we?re not exactly dawdling. We?ll be moving faster than any humans ever have- discounting the speed the Earth travels around the sun, anyway.?

?Well double-time it, old man. I?m not going to wait forever.?

?You don?t have to wait at all.?

She kissed him. ?Just shut the fuck up and go to Mars.?

It had been a tradition, for as long as Ken had been around to observe it, for astronauts to meet for a drink the night before a flight. They weren?t supposed to. But that didn?t stop them.

Ken had already made the rounds by the time Paul arrived, and was sitting on a stool at the bar with Paul?s drink waiting in front of an open seat. Paul told him about Laura, and how damn hard she made leaving.

?You?re a stronger man than I am,? Ken said. ?You?re no spring chicken. That could be the last early-twenties year old who spreads her legs for you. From here on out you could be looking down the unshorn beaver of mid thirties to mid forties spinsters, not a pretty landscape, I can assure you.?

?You don?t so much date as screw drunks and hire prostitutes cheap enough to afford on your government salary, so I?m not sure how much weight to give to your advice.?

?Not advice, so much as? nostalgia, envy. You know that old saying, youth is wasted on the young, and those young and handsome enough to bed the young. And that girl was young, nubile, perky. Now space has some beautiful tits on her, but she?s a prick tease; just when you think you?re about to reach out and touch her majesty, she pulls away. Her coyness only makes her more alluring, but you?re never going to touch them, Paul; man is never meant to cop that feel.?

?So? like Lucy with the football in Peanuts??

?Why would you ruin my beautiful tit-based metaphor with a fucking children?s cartoon? Now I feel skeevy, and it?ll be at least a day before I can enjoy schoolgirl porn again.?

?So rent something else.?

?I said I wouldn?t enjoy it, not that I wasn?t going to watch it.?

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