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Lunacy: Gravity


  10:26:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 796 words  
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Lunacy: Gravity

?It's odd, feeling gravity again,? Paul said. Martin raised an eyebrow over his morning coffee. ?I know there was gravity on the moon, but it was something like .16 g- and we're more than four times that. It's almost like we're back on earth.?

?I'm just glad I don't have to chase my coffee with a straw,? Martin said.

?It was a minor glitch in the kick motor-? Alisa said, entering the commons while wiping sweat off her brow, ?but the centrifuge is working fine, now. So you're welcome, and enjoy your gravity,? she said, and left.

??What's her problem?? Paul asked.

?She's not a morning person.? Martin said, taking another sip of his coffee and grinning. ?That, and it looked, early this morning, like the kick motor wasn't going to work. At all.?

?And no kick motor, no centrifuge, no centrifuge, no simulated gravity, and without that, we all become prematurely geriatric.? Martin raised his eyebrow yet again. ?Loss of bone mass, muscle strength and endurance, postural instability and a reduction in aerobic capacity.?

?Ah. So, old people, but with younger skin.?


?But really, it would have meant a return to the moon. And, if we could not get a replacement motor in time to hit our window for trajectory to Mars...?

?God,? Paul said. ?We'd be looking at another eighteen months before we could launch. And there's a pretty good chance they wouldn't want to let us go, after being stuck up here for eighteen months. So they'd recall us and leave the Persues in orbit, and send up the next crew a year and a half later.?

?So we dodged a bullet,? Martin said.

?Yeah,? Paul said, wondering if maybe he'd have been happier, with either an 18 month layaway, or a trip home. ?You make any extra coffee??

?Single dispenser,? Martin said.

?Ah,? Paul shrugged. ?That's fine. I'm probably better off enjoying the water while it's still water, and not filtered urine. You feel like exercising?? Martin shrugged. ?All this talk of incapacity has me wanting to feel...?

?Capable?? Martin offered.

?Sure. But that's the other thing we have to watch out for. Our bodies will atrophy if we let them- but so will our social skills. So I'm trying to make a conscious effort to be outgoing, and interact.?

?Was that why you organized the mini golf tourney??

?Pretty much. And it was nice that Lisa and Rica managed to come out for part of it.?

?Interesting choice of words,? he smiled. ?But we'll exercise, if you promise you're not going to talk the whole time. Exercising in close proximity to a man is homoerotic enough as it is, without caring and sharing our way through squat-thrusts.?

?I think the most homoerotic part of that idea was the term, 'squat-thrusts.?


?But we should see if anyone else is game before we head over to the gym.? Paul said, and led Martin out of the commons, and into the rotating crew compartments.

?Is there even room for 'everyone'??

?Probably not. But I'd kind of be surprised if we caught more than one more volunteer.? Paul knocked on the thin plastic door between the hall and Levy's room. ?Are you in there,? he thought a moment, ?and not masturbating?? 

Levy's door popped open. ?My balls are sagging again,? he said with a grin.

?Dare I ask??

?We had zero g last night. So I had zero g testicles. Bobbing around like ice cubes in a Long Island Ice Tea.?

?God-damn you,? Paul said, ?now I want a Long Island Ice Tea.?

?And in context,? Martin smiled, ?that is now the most homoerotic thought of the morning so far.?

?Plus that's a sissy drink,? Clod added, entering from behind them. She was already slick with sweat. 

?I don't care,? Paul said. ?I'd drink a sissy drink over more water.? He noticed the towel around her neck. ?You already exercised, didn't you? Because we were on our way, there, and were going to invite you along.?

?A doctor, an aging Frenchman, and a mathematician. The day I can't run circles around you three, even after my workout, is the day I stop making snarky comments about Levy's half-beard.? 

?Good,? Levy said, and closed his door behind himself. He silently eenie-meenie-minie-moed the doors to Alisa and Rica's rooms. ?Should we even bother?? he asked.

?It's a bonding experience,? Martin said, ?and sometimes just asking is enough to preserve the bond.? He led them down the hall, and cocked his ear for a second. Then he knocked on Rica's door.

?Some of us are going to exercise,? Paul said.

?That's what we're already doing,? Rica said, then giggled through the door.

?Fair enough,? Paul shrugged, and they turned back towards the commons, and the gym beyond it.

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