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Lunacy: Exit Velocity


  06:41:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 283 words  
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Lunacy: Exit Velocity

?We don't have to go yet,? Rica said, almost whining. ?True,? Clod said, and was happy for once to be talking to someone in the same room. ?But there's also no real reason why we shouldn't. In fact, it's about the perfect time for it. If we wait even one revolution, we'll add days to our trip.? ?But but but but,? Rica said, looking sadly at Levy on the monitor. ?It's okay, Ric,? he said. ?I'll be fine. Better than fine. I'll finally be able to spank the monkey without worrying about how thin the walls are.? She frowned. ?I'm even going to miss that.? ?I know we've been through a lot together,? Levy started. ?But this isn't the end. It's just the beginning of something else. Friendships come and go. But what we've been through- it's not the kind of experience we're going to forget. It's left its mark on us, some of us physically, some of us emotionally. But I'll never forget any of you. You'll have to stay in touch.? ?That was almost... profound,? Clod said. ?I know,? Levy said. ?To make up for it, I'm going to go spank it to Japanese porn.? He rubbed his eye. ?See ya.? ?Bye,? Paul said. ?Bye,? Rica echoed. ?Adios,? Clod said. Clod walked away from the monitor, and sat down in the pilot's seat. She sighed, and a little smile crossed her lips. ?What's up?? Paul asked. She didn't realize he was still in the room. ?It makes me a little happier to know that somewhere, out there, John Levy is out there, masturbating to schoolgirls. Makes it feel like despite everything we've been through, all is still right with the universe.?

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