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Lunacy: Each Other's Throats


  06:23:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 737 words  
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Lunacy: Each Other's Throats

Paul couldn?t be certain how long they?d been locked away. But he did know that things with Rica had gone from unpleasant to her snarling every single syllable at him. She bared her teeth, and he swore they were longer than before. ?You killed Alisa. I loved her.? He wanted to swallow his anger, and respond diplomatically, but his rage was overpowering. ?Did you? You knew her a handful of months. You banged her. I'd believe you loved banging her. But loved her? I've had produce around longer than you two were together.? ?You really know how to get a woman's goat, you know that? I fucking understand why Lis wanted to kill you. And I'm sad that she didn't succeed.? ?You sound like you?re anxious to finish her work.? ?No,? Rica said. ?If she wanted you dead, you?d be dead. She wanted the crew. She wanted all of us to be together.? ?She slaughtered Martin.? ?She fucked up. Like you fucked up with her. But the difference is nobody murdered you for it.? She shoved him, and there was enough strength behind it that Paul left the floor behind, and smashed spine-first into the wall of the pod. It was enough to shake it on its moorings. But he didn?t care. The whole world lost its color, and all he could see was Rica. Somewhere in the last vestiges of his rational mind, Paul recognized the moment. He felt the same with Alisa, when he chased her down. She was his whole world in that moment, and it took only a moment to decide what he wanted to do to her. He balled his fist and threw a punch that his inner doctor suspected would break her jaw, her transformation be damned. But she was swifter than him, and ducked beneath the blow, and used his momentum to grapple him into the opposite wall. In his head, Paul heard Levy say, ?We?ve got to stop meeting this way, wall,? but couldn?t laugh at it. Before Paul could pick himself off the floor this time, Rica lunged at him, and pinned him to the ground. They grappled, raking fingernails across one another?s face while trying desperately to get at each other?s necks. In the struggle, Rica put her knee in his crouch, and he doubled over, and it bought her enough distance to get her mouth over his neck. She bit down, but didn?t have the strength yet to tear through. She jerked her head from side to side, scraping bloody lines into his skin as he tried to pull away. She could feel Paul?s muscles swelling beneath her, saw the bones of his face jittering. Then she stopped. ?What the fuck is that?? she asked with her teeth still around his throat. He swallowed, and it unnerved the both of them hat his Adam?s Apple stroked against her tongue. ?Um,? he said, and turned red. ?Sorry, about that. I know we were trying to kill each other and everything, but? I guess the way you threw me around was, kind of hot.? Rica tried to hold it in, but couldn?t contain herself, and rolled off of him and laughed. When she could finally compose herself she sighed, and said, ?If I had a quarter for every time a guy poked me with a wrestling boner, I'd have a roll of quarters- just like the one you're sporting.? ?Heh,? Paul chuckled, and rubbed his face. ?Just so long as you aren't planning to do anything with it, sport,? she said. ?God, no. I might have gotten away with what happened with my ex- and I emphasize might, because I wouldn't put it past Laura to meet me on the ground with a double barrel shotgun.? ?But you weren't yourself, with the wolfing.? ?Maybe,? he said. ?But I've always loved Maria. And? Laura knows that.? ?Shit,? Rica said. ?I've been there. And it isn't fun.? ?No. But I think? I think we'd made our peace with it. Or I thought we had. And then with everything? anyway, my point is I think I've used my get out of jail free card already. But we found your kryptonite: awkward erections.? ?Awkward erections are everybody's kryptonite. Except, ironically, Superman?s. Why else would he wear pants that tight?? ?Just when I thought an erection couldn?t get any more awkward.? ?You did kind of deserve that,? she said. ?Yeah,? he said. ?Probably.?

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