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Lunacy: Dry Powder


  06:31:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 687 words  
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Lunacy: Dry Powder

?Crap,? Paul said. His arm was heavy, and his first thought was that he?d killed Rica. But the heaviness was warm, and soft- and flesh. ?Crap,? he said again. ?What?? Rica asked. ?We had sex,? he said. ?What? No, we didn?t. And what do you mean, ?crap??? ?We had sex. We?re sweaty. And naked. And woke up on the floor in each other?s arms. And I?ve been crying.? ?You frequently cry during sex?? ?No, that was a side observation. And by ?crap? I mean that my girlfriend is going to murder me. And possibly make it look like you did it, so you have to go to girl prison.? Rica smiled. ?Oh. Good. But we didn?t have sex. Trust me, I know when I?ve had sex.? ?I used to,? Paul said. ?A little bit of a friction burniness, certain muscle soreness. But anymore? I heal too quick. I?m not confident the old telltales would still tell the tale.? ?Well I can tell you, definitively, we did not have sex. Because I didn?t fall asleep crying- I?ve been awake the whole time.? ?Oh.? ?We were at each other?s throats. Screaming. Fighting. We tore off each other?s clothes, and maybe there was something animal and mate or hate about it?? ?Mate or hate?? he asked. ?As in, if we?re nude it?s easier to either bang it out or find the soft, murdery bits. Instead, something about being vulnerable together? we both just went blubbery. There was much weeping, and cry-snotting.? ?Thank God,? Paul said. ?Hmm?? ?I kind of thought I had dried spooge on my neck. And in the circumstances, I think having your snot caked on me because we were comforting each other? well, it?s still gross, but it?s a personal, intimate, emotional kind of gross- which makes it inherently less gross.? ?It kind of weirds me out that I?m not the gayest person in this pod right now.? ?Given that we?re still in kind of a naked embrace, I?d say this is one of the more heterosexual things I?ve done on this trip.? ?Okay, you need to let go, now.? ?Okay,? Paul said, looping his arm from under her head, though not quite understanding her urgency. ?Sorry,? she said, rooting around in the dark for her clothes. ?I just knew if I stayed there much longer I was gonna get jabbed. And why ruin our perfectly platonic relationship?? ?So true.? ?How're you feeling?? ?Nonhomicidal. Peaceful, even. You?? ?Like I'd really like my next pee to not be into a bucket.? Unconsciously she glanced towards the bucket. ?Uh, Paul...? ?Yeah?? ?We knocked over the bucket. In the scuffle, I'd guess.? ?All the more reason to get out of here now. Where's your tablet.? ?Lights, up,? she said, and the lights came up to 40% brightness. ?Shit. Looks like we stepped on it. Repeated- and angrily.? ?Then how do we get out of here?? She looked to the door. ?Knock real loud?? She walked over and pounded on the metal. Levy's picture came onto a small screen beside the door. ?You guys cool?? he asked. ?We're cool,? Paul said, ?aside from one smashed tablet.? ?Yeah, I thought that might happen. But how do I know you're not just acting calm, biding your time for neckbitings and stomach open-tearings.? ?You're a dumbass, Levy.? ?Yeah. But that doesn't prove anything.? ?Eventually you have to let us out. The only question is whether or not Rica breaks off her foot in your dick.? Levy's eyes got wide until Paul grinned. ?In it? Whoa. Man. And what's messed up, is I bet somebody would watch that porno.? ?Levy!? Rica said. ?I'm opening it, I'm opening it.? The pod shook as it rotated. There was a hiss, and the door slid up. ?Whoa,? he said. ?It smells like a little league bathroom in there.? ?Seal it up,? Paul said. ?Shouldn't we clean it out?? Levy asked. ?Do you want to?? ?Um, no.? ?I don't think we'll need it again. So just rotate it back out into the stack.? ?Aye aye,? Levy said, saluted, and hit a few keys on the keypad. The door slid down.

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