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Lunacy: Descent


  06:13:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 788 words  
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Lunacy: Descent

?Shut up,? Mai said, leading Maria down the corridor. ?Mai, I'm sorry. He was killing you.? ?And I said shut the fuck up. Okay?? ?I'm not sure we should be out like this,? Maria said. ?What you and I did, we effectively seeded monsters throughout the Station. And either we harvest them, like Skot, and have some chance at saving them, or we leave them to grow up on their own, and make us maybe kill them all over again. And I'm frankly tired of being responsible for people we know dying.? ?I don't know how you can diagnose me with a hormone disorder directly responsible for my aggressive behavior and a few hours later be pissed at me when I react to a threatening situation aggressively.? ?You aren't that na´ve, Maria,? Mai said. ?Even if- and I'm saying if right now- if you arne't responsible for what happened, that doesn't mean I can't be pissed off at you for it. Anger isn't exactly logical. And maybe I'll feel like a bitch about it later and have to apologize- but know right now that arguing the fucking point with me does not get you brownie points. In fact, telling me I'm irrational and not allowed to feel the way I feel gives me a perfectly legitimate reason to be pissed at you.? ?Okay,? Maria said, not because she liked the conclusion- but because she didn't see a way around it. ?I wish we could hail Ang and Skot,? Maria said. ?I hate not knowing how things are going there.? ?And you're worried about the others, too, right?? Mai asked. ?I'm worried about all of them- how they are, and what they might be doing to each other.? ?Now you're worried?? Mai asked. ?Don't be Ang,? Maria said. ?You were with me when we disabled Speed. You were with me in the cafeteria. I didn't... I didn't consciously want any of this. And neither did you. I understand it, on an instinctual level, now, but I would never have chosen this. And I know what I've done, okay? It's not like my brain strokes off and I get to not have to relive every horrible second of the things I've done to people I love.? ?I...? Mai started, ?I know. But I'm sorry. I knew what I saw, and how I felt, and you've just been... icy. Like you'd stopped being you. And I was afraid that you were pulling away, and turning into someone I couldn't love even if you didn't, and,? she realized she was babbling, that her insecurities were bubbling over like a Hawaiian volcano's lava. ?I know,? Maria said, and wrapped her arm around Mai. Mai latched onto her like an infant, and realized for the first time how fragile she'd become. ?I love you,? Mai whispered. ?I know,? Maria said, and kissed the top of her head. ?But we should get to the Elevator. Maybe it's just the baby, but I'm starting to feel a... connection to the others. Not metaphysical, just... emotional and psychological. And I need to know they're okay.? Maria broke away from Mai and started down the corridor towards the Elevator. She stopped in the doorway. ?What's that?? she asked Mai. ?I don't hear-? she cocked her head to the side. ?Sobbing. Colleen.? Maria didn't hear the name, because she was already running. She beat Mai to the control room by 5 full seconds, but couldn't force herself to go in. ?Jesus, Maria,? Mai said. ?I didn't do this.? Mai saw one of the panels torn away. The back side of the room was painted with blood, and Vince was lying on the floor with half of his head gone. Colleen was sitting next to him, holding a gun. When she saw Mai, she tried to raise it to her own temple, but didn't get it raised above her chest before both arm and gun clattered to the floor. As almost an afterthought, Colleen tried to raise the pistol at Maria, but the emotional weight of it far exceeded the weak pull of its mass on the lunar surface, and she couldn't raise it past Maria's knees. The gun slipped from her fingers, and splashed down in Vince's blood. ?He didn't want to be like you,? Colleen said, accusingly. ?We didn't. But I was too weak. I couldn't... my babies... I couldn't...? Maria knelt down beside Colleen, in blood, because it was everywhere, and pressed the other woman's head to her breast. ?I know,? Maria said. ?I understand.? She took the hand Colleen had filled with a gun, and pressed it to her belly, and said, ?You're all my babies now.? Colleen sobbed into Maria's neck, and held onto her tightly.

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