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Lunacy: Complications


  06:28:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 419 words  
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Lunacy: Complications

?Laura?? Ken asked. ?I didn't expect to find you in a bar.? ?Are you drunk?? ?I drove here,? he said. ?That's not an answer.? ?I suppose it isn't. But no. I'm just elated.? ?And that elation isn't due to some other substance?? ?Only circumstance,? Ken said, and slipped into the seat next to her. ?But there's... well, a complication. With Paul. It?s not likely we'll ever be able to bring him back to Earth. Or any of the infected astronauts. They?re a contagion, after all. Bringing them to back would mean exposing the entire species to a hazardous genetic parasite- one that we need to study. But the plan for now, and for as long as the infection staves off the detrimental effects of microgravity, is for them to stay on the Moon.? ?The Moon needs a resupply. And it seems all of our trained astronauts have grown another dozen ovaries each. So I'm going myself. I'll pilot the resupply myself, and stay up there. But the smallest crew vehicle they have to put on top of the rocket is a 2 seater. ?And it ain?t like we can put cargo in the extra seat. What I?m saying, is if you want to ever see Paul again, this is probably your only chance. All you gotta do is agree to take a few courses remotely while you?re there. See, if you decide to stay, we?ve got to make sure you?re going to be useful to Mai- who you?ll be assisting.? ?This is crazy.? ?Crazy is my bread and butter.? ?It?s crazier, with the caveat that my boyfriend?s ex is now a scary space monster who might try and murder me.? ?Or sleep with you. And I?d given even odds to those two that she?ll just leave you alone. You get a chance at space. And true blave.? ?How could I say no?? ?There is one potential complication.? He picked up her glass and smelled it. It was straight bourbon. ?Though it?s apparently not a problem anymore.? He swallowed. ?You want to talk about it?? he asked. ?No.? ?Fair enough. You?ll have to pass the physical- but you're young, no history of illness or infirmity. And you know how to fly, right?? ?Paul taught me.? ?That?s what I thought. Normally, that?d be good enough. But you?re going to be my copilot, and I?ve got a crappy ticker. I don?t want to kill us both just because my genes hate me, so I want to make sure you're capable of one-womaning it.?

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