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Lunacy: Blood Born


  06:19:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 746 words  
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Lunacy: Blood Born

Maria?s face was red, and she glared with more malice than Mai had ever seen. ?I swear to God, Mai, if you tell me to push one more fucking time, I'm going to tear off your favorite limb and beat you to death with it.? ?I told you I could cut the little Ewok out of you.? ?You've always been a little too eager to put your hands inside me,? Maria said, straining. ?But I've always been gentle- and you've always enjoyed yourself. And at this point you've got a kid half-way hanging out your hooha. Sure, for the first month, it would be a conversation starter, but he's only going to get bigger and kick harder the longer you wait to push.? Maria hurt. She hurt more than she ever had- than the transformation, even. That was why she was fighting so hard not to push, because the pushing hurt even more- and it seemed like every push hurt more than the last. But she was fighting biology, and if the last eight months had taught her nothing else, it had taught her that biology always won out. So despite herself, she pushed one final time. ?Okay,? Mai said. ?I've got him. You want to see him, or should I towel him off fi-uck!? There was a wet plop. ?What's wrong?? Maria asked, trying to sit up but not having the strength to. Mai lowered herself to the floor. ?Little bastard bit off the tip of one of my fingers, and crawled under your bed.? ?Will it grow back?? ?Fingers don?t grow- oh, yeah, probably.? ?But I guess that ends the suspense of whether or not my son inherited our disease.? ?Aw, you called it ?our? disease- though not ?our? son.? ?I thought you weren?t ready to be a mommy. I believe you said, ?These tits weren?t made for milking?? she grabbed her chest for emphasis, and immediately regretted it. ?Ow, remind me not to grab them so hard. Really sensitive.? ?Really?? Mai asked, grinning, and approaching with her hands up in a groping position. ?Woman, I will punch you in the tit- and I have birth-giving rage-strength- I guarantee that would hurt more.? ?You?re no fun.? ?Wait, where?s our son?? ?He?s around. I closed the door, so he won?t get far. Can't believe he's crawling and biting already. Painkillers holding up?? ?Yeah, thank God. He clawed his way out of me, like a cat. We?re super lucky we got accelerated healing, because that crap would really suck without it. It still sucks; because it hurts, but the hurt won't last for nearly as long.? ?Yeah,? Mai said, ?about that. You?re sucking down about three times the normal dose of painkillers, thanks to that accelerated healing. It?s not all rainbows, I mean.? ?But about the kid,? Maria said, ?he's ours if you want him to be. I just didn't want to sound like I was leveraging the kid for a larger claim on you.? ?I want us to be ours,? Mai said. ?Aside from... all the tragedy, I've been happier with you in my life than with anyone else.? She swallowed and looked away. ?And if I'm honest, I'm worried he is going to screw that up.? ?Hey. Just because I'm his mother, doesn't make me any less yours.? ?Doesn't it? I'm going to have to share you- something I've never been good at. And if he isn't either... I just know the biology enough to know that if I come between you two, I'm the one who gets left out in the cold.? The baby slunk out from under the bed, leaving a trail of blood and amniotic fluid, like a grotesque little slug. He grabbed ahold of the side of the bed and tried to pull himself up. Then he yawned, and flopped over onto his butt. He seemed confused by gravity, and unsure if the slight pain on his rear warranted a response. He stared up at Mai, as if he hoped to glean some clue from her. ?My God,? Mai said. ?What?? ?Our son's beautiful.? ?Can I see him?? Maria asked. ?'Can I catch him?' is the operative question,? Mai said. She knelt onto the floor, and put out her hand. He sniffed at it, then rubbed his head against her palm. She slid her fingers under his goo-covered underarms, and picked him up. Mai held the boy out to his mother. ?Our son,? Maria said, and pulled them both close.

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