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Lunacy: Blood


  06:12:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 814 words  
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Lunacy: Blood

Mika was pretty sure he was dead. But he could still smell Bella. Which at first he took to mean he was in Heaven. But his hands were sticky with his own dried blood, and that didn't seem right at all. He filled his lungs again, and let the air out through his nose. That was definitely Bella. He could smell her scent, some kind of blossom, gin, perhaps, in a lotion she wore. And the salty sweet of her sweat. The faint almost grassy smell of her hair when she'd lean over his work station. He half expected, from the strength of the smells, that she was leaning over him where he lay, and the thought excited him. He opened his eyes, and was surprised to see a dark corridor. Then he remembered it. The wolf, and how he tried to help Bella. Had she gotten away? He was pretty sure the last thing he remembered was her making it through the door while the wolf gnawed at him. He instinctively touched at the wounds he remembered. But they were gone. Which didn't make sense. He knew he was attacked. He had felt his flesh tear, his bones crack. His clothes were shredded, and there was dried blood. But no scabs, no scars. Nothing. How long had he been on that floor? The smell of Bella cut through his panic. She was nearby. He knew that. He snorted in large gasps of breath, until he knew the direction the smell was wafting from. Each sniff told him more and more that things weren't right, and heightened his anxiety. His heart beat faster, and with every quickening beat his legs moved with more speed, until he was running towards the smell. He rounded an elbow connecting two hallways, and could make out a body on the floor at the end of the hall- right where the same the came from. He ran faster still, though he knew what he was going to find when he got there, because he smelled it already, even at that distance: death. She was dead. In the relatively anaerobic environment of the Lunar Station she was decomposing more slowly than she would have, on Earth. But she'd been dead some while. Her internal organs liquefied, and her digestive juices had eaten through her stomach and pooled in a putrid little pond beneath her. He wanted to collapse, and cry, and hold her desiccated hand to his face. But there was another smell that lingered over the hallway. He knew this smell, too. Not as intimately as he knew Bella's, but it was somebody he knew. He inhaled again. Someone he knew had been the wolf- that was why he didn't completely recognize it at first. But now he saw her face in his mind, and the thought of her smiling, and alive, while Bella lay dead on the floor where she left her to bleed out, made him angry. He had her scent without trying, and started running towards her. He noted than he was running on all fours, somewhere between the way a gorilla does and a dog, but that it felt strangely comfortable, even right. He leapt nearly ten feet to the point where the scent seemed concentrated, perhaps to even be emanating from. It was a small medical room. ?Jesus!? Mai yelled, surprised at him landing forcefully in the doorway. He strode across the room and struck her across the mouth. ?Mika!? she screamed, shoving him backward, but he it only bought her a few feet, and seconds. ?Stop,? Maria commanded from across the room. Mika hadn't seen her there, and didn't seem to care. He backhanded Mai across the cheek. Her inner doctor wondered, as she fell towards the floor, whether he'd broken the bone, and whether her new condition meant she'd heal faster. Mika stood over her, wrapped his hands around her throat and started to choke her. Her thoughts turned to whether or not she'd survive long enough to see if her cheek would heal without surgery. ?You killed her,? he said loudly, through a stream of tears. ?You bitch!? ?I didn't mean,? Mai choked out, but she had no air to say more. Maria, again a wolf, clamped her jaws around his throat. She squeezed, a threat, telling him she could rip the life from his neck if he didn't behave. But he wasn't himself, wasn't capable of being himself. Mai managed a gasp, and realized what was about to happen. ?Jesus, Mary- don't.? She clamped down on Mika's neck and it snapped. Her teeth tore into his throat, ripping the skin from it like an off-brand band-aid. More blood than Mai had ever seen at once spilled across the floor. The waves of blood splashed against her knees. ?Goddamnit, Maria,? Mai said, as the blood flowed over her hands. ?Goddamn you.?

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