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Lunacy: Birds and Bees


  10:31:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 494 words  
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Lunacy: Birds and Bees

?I?m a little surprised,? Paul said, gesturing to Rica and Alisa?s doors.

?About what??

?Well, if Ken?s rabid anti-coupling dogma sunk in at all, I?m surprised you didn?t spray the ladies down with a firehose the moment we left the Station.?

?Ken?s not up here. Ken?s never been up here. I ever tell you I did a stint on the ISS??


?I was married. There was a problem with the Soyuz that was supposed to carry our replacements- bureaucratic, not mechanical. By the end of week 3 we were staring down the barrel of one of the longest stays in the ISS?s history. Suffice to say, I wasn?t as married on that station as I should have been.?

?But in space, the isolation? people cleave. They want familiarity, and comfort. So they cleave. It?s in our nature- it?s even in mine. But I don?t have to tell you. Your ex, it?s pretty plain what happened there. It?s even plain that you haven?t figured out how to feel about it. You achieved the connection you craved, but it gnawed a hole in you, and you?re not sure anymore what- or likely who- belongs there. And I understand that- better than most.?

?But this thing between Alisa and Rica, it was a fling. I made a note of it on the Lunar Station, and if it had continued onto the Perseus, I was going to sit them both down to have the talk.?

?Birds and the bees??

?Schtupping coworkers in a closed environment. But I?ve kept tabs on their comm positions. Alisa?s in her room, and Rica?s in hers.

Paul knocked on the door. ?Rica?? There was no response. ?Medical override, Wesley, Oscar Bravo Tango,? he said, and the door beeped and slid open. The room was empty.

?How?? Martin asked.

?Well, there?s two options, really,? Paul said with a smile. ?The first, involves the engineer responsible for keeping the ship?s sensors functioning altering the way they function.? Paul picked up Rica?s clothing from her bed, ?The other option?s sexier.?

?Streaking? So she?s just running down the hall naked? God, if Levy ever found out?? 

?Him you might need the full birds and bees talk for. As the ship?s doctor, I wish you luck with that.?

Paul turned to walk away. ?Come along,? Martin said, ?moral support.? Martin stood in front of Alisa?s door. ?Open comm. I officially do not care what the two of you do. But you will keep your clothes on in the common areas. Close comm.? Martin turned back towards Paul. ?Set in the gym??

?Only if we can-?

?I?m not going to let you lay on top of me while I bench press; you?re nearly as bad as Clod.?

?Come on. If we team-repped I bet we could max out the RED.?

?Just no. But normal exercise??

?Eh, why not? I?ve got another hour before I have to start doctoring.?

?And I?ve got another hour or so before I get sleepy.?

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