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Breed: Thirty-six


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Breed: Thirty-six

?I've never seen him drunk,? Mira said.
?I've never seen him drink,? Sonya said.
?I do slash am both as often as I feel like it,? Cris said.
?You sure about that?? Ben asked. ?Cause last we saw, you were running off to see Pete, and...?
?Okay so maybe I'm feeling like a crusted kleenex in that first year or so after discovering my own budding sexuality.?
?Used up and thrown away?? Mira asked with a grimace.
?Ding ding,? Cris said, clinking his beer to his nose. ?Ow.?
?And you're sure your uncle don't care that we're drinking here?? Sonya asked.
?My family's philosophy is that kids our age drink. So long as we do it responsibly in his home, he'll cope. If we take a bottle of vodka and go for a swim... well, he'll make sure nobody will ever get the deposit back on that bottle.?
?Washington doesn't do deposits,? Rui said, and belched loudly.
?You know that knowledge is antithetical to humor. Why do you hate humor, Rui??
?Because my dad would prefer I be intellectually superior than liked,? Rui said with half a smile.
?What about mom??
?Mom loves me for who I am. Mostly because who I am eventually stopped needing her to wipe me.?
?Eventually?? Sonya asked.
?After an appropriate but not overlong time. Unless I've been drinking. Then all bets are off.?
?Not it,? Ben said.
?Ladies?? Rui asked.
?We're so not it we're not even deigning to acknowledge it,? Mira said. ?And we're more focused on Cris. What happened, hon??
?Ooh,? Cris said. ?Am I that bad? Do I really warrant a 'hon'??
?Unless you had some bad pork today,? Mira said.
?Ouch,? Cris said, grabbing his chest. ?But I guess it both was and wasn't all that bad.? He sighed. ?It's, it's my own damn fault for getting my hopes up. You know, I knew that there was somebody hurt. I just kind of also believed that it was at least partially pretext. If not a booty call, per se, at least a spooning and cuddling call. But he was all business, and not the sexy, fetishized kind, just, distant, dickish.?
?You deserve better than that,? Mira said.
?Maybe,? he said, and took a sip from his bottle. ?No, probably. But knowing that he doesn't appreciate me, or isn't interested or some combination, that doesn't change the fact that he's the one I want, and even if it's never reciprocated, that's still how I feel.?
?Yeah, but this isn't a John Hughes movie, so it's maybe bordering on no longer cute and healthy.?
?Or,? Ben started, grinning too wide to contain himself, ?maybe you lean into the John Hughes thing. Get a boombox and show up outside his window. Or make a giant flapjack. Ooh, my vote's for pancake.?
?Tso, you don't need a giant pancake,? Sonya said. ?And you especially don't need to pressure Cris to make one for you.?
?I'll spoon you for a pancake.?
?Pass,? Cris said. ?You're so much bigger than me it'd be like tossing a spoon in the toilet; it's more enveloped than spooned.?
?So I'm a toilet to you now?? Ben asked, feigning anger.
?Well,? Sonya said, ?you are full of shit.?
?I walked into that, didn't I??
Rui grinned to himself, then said, ?You walked in, dug a hole for a fire, laid out your sleeping bags, gathered sticks and used them as a support with rope and tarp to assemble a crude tent, then stayed there for a year like Thoreau.?
?I think when Rui sobers up we'll have to explain metaphors again.?
?It sucks,? Cris said, and set his beer down noisily. ?Like, I can take rejection. I can even take hate. But he's interested. That's not my ego. It's not delusion. I really can tell. But when it comes to anything more than two men platonically hanging out, he steers all the way around it.?
?Maybe it's the age thing,? Sonya said.
?Nah. Really?? He frowned. ?I'm pretty sure we're close enough that the Romeo and Juliet laws apply.?
?You should ask him,? Irene said softly. ?Let him know how you feel.?
?Yeah,? Mira agreed. ?Lay it out, and make him respond to it. Better to at least get an affirmative 'No,' than to keep getting a soft one.? She chortled.
?Because there are few things in life more worthless than a soft one?? Sonya asked with a giggle, and they clinked beers.
?Am I the only one weirded out that we're not the ones making the dick jokes?? Rui asked.
?Sorry,? Ben said, beaming, ?I couldn't hear you over the sound of how damned proud I am.?

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