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Breed: Forty-one


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Breed: Forty-one

Mikaela's fist went wide, just over Mayumi's shoulder. Drake teleported in behind her, and wrapped his arms around her waist. She elbowed him in the ribs, bent at the waist to push him back, then used her momentum to roll him over her shoulder. Demi feinted, and let Mayumi's fist land against her chest. She grabbed the smaller woman by her belt loop and flung her over her shoulder. Demi spun, smiling in her triumph, only to find Mayumi had landed on her feet. She crouched, wrapping her legs and arms around Demi's right leg, then rolled backwards, carrying Demi forward, face first into the grass.
Mayumi stood. Iago narrowed his eyes at her, then through up his hands. ?Nope.?
?Come on,? she said.
?Nope,? he said. ?You just took them apart.?
?That's smart,? she said. ?He's thinking tactically. That's the first step. I'm better trained than all of you. You have numbers, but as you've just seen, numbers aren't enough to rely on. You need to think.?
?It's cold,? Demi said. ?And late. And dark.?
?Do you think those give me an unfair advantage?? Mayumi asked.
?No. Just make me uncomfortable. And whiny. And curious when we can all go home.?
?When one of you puts me down,? Mayumi said. ?You don't have to beat me. For tonight, all you have to do is land one good, clean hit. No mitigation, not a throw I roll out of. One moment where you control the fight and I don't.?
?Shouldn't be hard,? Demi said. ?We batted you around like a really aggressive cat toy the other night.?
?But you weren't fighting me,? Mayumi said. ?You were lucky then. I was out of my head. So you were fighting a wounded animal. Tough and aggressive, but dumb. You aren't going to get in any easy shots. So come on.?
?Team huddle,? Mikaela said.
?Take your time,? Mayumi said. ?I'll just be basking in the glow from your prior defeat.?
?She's gotten a hell of a lot cockier, hasn't she?? Iago asked.
?I think Tucker was right,? Mikaela said. ?I think that implant was playing havoc with her hormones- that she was flooded with adrenaline 24-7. She spent most of her energy just trying not to murder people, and barely had anything left to let herself shine through. So this is a bit more of the real Mayumi, for lack of a better word.?
?I like it,? Demi said. ?I mean, right this second I want to knock it to the ground and choke her out while electrocuting her... but overall I like it.?
?She's going to expect that. Demi's the one who wants to hit her the most, and because she's got a strength advantage, she's also the one who's most likely to succeed. Which is why I want you working support. Keep her busy with electricity at her feet. Iago. Ice up the sidewalk. Drake-?
?I can get in close.?
?You can, and she'll expect that. But I think I might have a way you can distract her...?
?Time's up,? Mayumi said, pushing through them. She shoved Drake backwards.
?Damnit,? he said. He teleported, so that he was able to roll when he landed, but there was still no canceling out his momentum.
?I said I'd give you time- not how much,? she grabbed Mikaela by the neck and through her over her shoulder. She landed painfully, as the air was knocked out of her lungs. ?And this time you're participating,? she said, turning towards Iago with her fist balled. She threw the punch. As it was flying towards his face, Drake teleported in behind him, then teleported him away.
?Good,? she said, turning in the direction they teleported to. ?You should know, that when you teleport, you take in a lot of extra oxygen. The rush of air tells me where you are-? She reached out behind her the instant he appeared there, and caught him by the throat.
?I know,? he said, wheezing around her grip. He put his hand into her belt loop, and teleported away again, this time taking her pants.
?See,? Demi said, ?told you it was cold.? She threw a punch at Mayumi, but the smaller girl bent backwards, then rolled into a backwards somersault. ?Shit,? she said.
?Lightnight,? Mikaela wheezed, brushing herself off from a crouch.
?Right,? Demi said. Electricity arced from her fingertips, striking around Mayumi's feet.
?Ice!? Mikaela yelled,
?On it,? Iago said, as a spiral of cold coned from his hands, coalescing as frost on the sidewalk beneath Mayumi's feet. She stepped more softly, but between the lightning and ice, she had difficulty keeping a step ahead of Demi.
Drake teleported beside Mayumi and grabbed her wrist. She rolled, using his grab to throw him. He teleported the moment she let go, and appeared on the other side of her, using the momentum she gave him to shove her down the icy incline before disappearing again.
?I've got the rest,? Mikaela said.
Mayumi stopped spinning, only to see one of Mikaela's doubles waiting for her. She had too much momentum, and couldn't stop, even as she watched the double rear back to throw a punch. The strike hit, knocking her back onto her rear on the ice. ?That was nice,? she said. ?Now can I have my pants??
?I had promised to let Iago keep them,? Drake said, teleported to where he was, then back to Mayumi, with her jeans in his hand. ?But you look like you need them more.?
?Much obliged.?
?And that better be the only time you take a woman's pants like that,? Mikaela said. ?At least without permission.?
?Of course,? he said. ?It's also the only circumstance I'd be trying to hit a woman in the face. I don't know why you're more concerned about the distraction.?
?Just don't be creepy.?
?Like you've never used your powers to be creepy.?
?Not creepy. Some women just like the idea of being with more than one of the same woman.?
?I'm tapping out,? Iago said, yelling to make sure they heard him. ?I do not want to hear about Tucker's sex life. Or his prior sexual exploits, either.?
?Prude,? Mikaela said, and laughed.

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