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Breed: Fifty-three


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Breed: Fifty-three

?This is a restricted area,? a male agent said, pointing his service weapon at Mikaela. ?Turn back, and forget you ever saw it.? His female partner kept her weapon pointed at Demi. The other cars in the parking lot were empty, and their drivers were already inside.
Drake disappeared, ?Did that,? the female agent began, before Drake appeared between them. He put a hand on each of their weapons, then teleported away with them. He was back an instant later.
?Didn't your mothers ever tell you it's impolite to point. Be it guns, cameras,? he grabbed their body armor, on which were clipped body cameras, and teleported away with those, too. He teleported behind them, and grabbed their belt loops. ?This I'm doing purely because it's funny.? He teleported away again, and took their pants with him.
?Knew it was a bad day to go commando,? the male agent said.
?Or to forego grooming for what must have been several months,? his partner added.
?A little professional decorum, while we're dealing with threats to national security,? he said.
?We aren't a threat,? Mikaela said. ?But we also won't be threatened. Lay down on the ground and you won't be harmed.?
?We don't negotiate with your kind,? the male agent said.
Drake teleported behind them again. ?Probably not the best way to phrase that,? he said quietly, before teleporting back behind Mikaela.
?What kind would that be?? Mikaela asked, glaring. ?Transhumans? People of color? Women??
?That is not-?
?Don't be an idiot,? his partner said. ?Don't explain. Apologize.?
?I meant terrorists.?
?We aren't terrorists,? Mikaela said. ?Though regrettably, we are going to have to blow up your car. Feel free to call for reinforcements, though. But do it from the ground.?
?And I said we don't negotiate with-?
?Demi!? Mikaela yelled.
Lightning arced from her fingertips and struck the ground between his legs.
?I'm not negotiating, but as a sign of good faith, I will lay on the ground while I see what I can do about your request,? he dropped to his knees with his hands up, then flopped onto his face.
?I hope that hurt,? his partner said, lowering herself slowly to the ground on her hands.
?Slowly, though,? Demi said, as he reached into his jacket. He removed a smart phone.
?Yeah, put me through to security. Look, I don't care if the entire Red Army is marching on the server room. We've got a half-dozen transhumans at the front.?
?Demi? Would you deal with their car?? Mikaela asked.
?Sure.? She walked up to the two agents. ?Might want to shield your faces,? she said. Then she backhanded the car, smashing it between the front and rear doors. It did a half-turn in the air before smacking into the car one spot over, then landed on its roof on the ground. The glass all shattered as the roof crumpled inward.
?They just totalled my car. No, I don't think it's just a peaceful protest. I need every agent you can spare, every agent we have! Two agents are captive, requiring assistance!?
?Okay,? Mikaela said. ?That's probably enough of that,? she slid his phone away from him with her foot, then slapshot it beneath another car. ?Everybody, property damage. Show them the cost of profiling American citizens. We aren't here because we're terrorists. We're here to stop you and others like you from terrorizing us. And unlike you, we give a shit about collatoral damage.?
Iago held out his hands, and flakes of ice flew out in a cone from his fingers, collecting beneath one of the cars. An icicle started to form beneath it, but kept growing, until it started to lift the car. As it grew longer it also grew thicker, until its icy tip pierced through the bottom of the car. The scrape of torn metal on ice sent a shriek through the air
One of Mikaela's duplicates ran to the rear of one of the parked cars to see herself in the rearview. Another duplicate climbed out of the mirror, then out of the car as more dupes exited the side mirrors. The side mirror duplicates ran to still other cars, gathering more duplicates, until a tide of Mikaelas crashed against he side of a car, slowly rolling it onto its side.
?Stand back,? Demi said. The Mikaela's moved towards the building, and she waited until the were clear. Then she raised her hands, and lightning struck the opposite end of the parking lot, hitting one of the parked cars. Then it arced, as electricity leapt from either of her hands, through cars. Where it hit windshields they melted, same with tires. Metal charred and blackened, until the electricity started to find the gas tanks of the vehicles, one by one, and they went up in explosions that sent the cars jumping into the air one after another.
Then the doors into the facility burst open and dozens of agents began pouring out. The wave of Mikaela's crashed into them, too quickly for them to use weapons, and then mingling so closely with the agents that they couldn't get safe shots. ?Vests!? a dozen of the Mikaelas barked at Drake at once.
?I'm on it,? Drake teleported into the middle of the fray, and teleported away with two vests with cameras on them. He was back an instant later, releiving more agents of their vests.
?They don't want to be on camera!? one of the agents barked.
?Would you?? Drake whispered into his ear. ?Camera adds ten pounds, and do you really think you've got that to spare?? Drake wrapped his arms around the agent's torso in a hug, then teleported away with his vest.
?We're being overrun!? Demi bellowed as another agent tackled her. She was still on her feet, but having trouble maneuvering with several people hanging off her at once. Electricity arced over her, and the shock sent them flying away. She held out her arms and electricity began to snake through the air, picking and choosing agents to slash at in the crowd. One tendril of electricity hit a puddle of gas from one of the overturned cars near an agent, and set it alight.
?Goddamnit!? Mikaela yelled, pulling a duplicate out of the side mirror on the sedan and tackling the agent away as the car exploded. The agent was concussed, but otherwise fine, and the duplicate rolled to smother the fire on her back.
?I said to be careful!? she said as she stood, yelling in a chorus of a dozen Mikaelas.
?Can you lecture me one at a time?? Demi asked. ?It's kind of terrifying hearing you in stereo from seven directions.?
?And we're still losing,? Mayumi said. ?I'm going to have to hurt them.?
?But only a little,? Drake said, teleporting behind Mayumi. ?Just keep punching.? He put a hand on her shoulder, and they disappeared. They reappeared an instant later beside the first agent on the right, as Mayumi threw a punch that sent him hurtling through the air. Drake teleported them to the far end, where Mayumi punched another agent. Drake teleported them to the center of the line of agents, and Mayumi threw another punch, knocking another guard into the air. He flew past the first two guards, narrowly missing them an instant before they collided.
?I've kind of been dying to try this,? Iago said. ?Get them clear!? he yelled to Drake. Then he extended his hands. Frost collected on the fingertips of his right arm, then traveled up his hands. His other turned red, and started to glow.
?Everybody down!? one of the agents yelled, and most threw themselves on the ground. One agent stood, and raised a pistol. The wind kicked up, tearing it from his grasp. Then he saw it, a small cyclone spinning a tower of snow. It threw him into the wall, then covered him in powder, layering snow quickly over all of the grounded agents.
?Nice work,? Mikaela said. Her phone rang, and she answered. ?They're clear,? Pete said. ?I'm watching them leave on our pirated satellite. And there's a convoy headed your way. You need to get out of there, now.?
?You hear that, Drake??
He teleported beside her. ?Caught the gist,? he said. ?Sound works strangely when teleporting,? he finished, then touched her shoulder. The air sucked in around them and suddenly they were standing by the car. ?Start it up,? Drake said. ?I'll get the others.?

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