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  02:59:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 1025 words  
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Breed: Twenty-five

?I'm glad everyone could make it today. I wouldn't have blamed anybody if they stayed home, or-? ?I didn't realize staying home was an option,? Drake said, and disappeared. He reappeared beside Mikaeala an instant later. ?Kidding.? ?If… more »


  01:33:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 2609 words  
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Breed: Twenty-four

?But there will be girls there?? Iago asked. ?There will be representatives of the fairer sex, yes, but I kind of think they'll be preoccupied by the bigotry and injustice.? ?So feminists, then?? he asked wryly. ?Mostly.? ?In all seriousness, I'm… more »


  11:40:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 723 words  
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Breed: Twenty-three

?But there will be girls there?? Iago asked. ?There will be representatives of the fairer sex, yes, but I kind of think they'll be preoccupied by the bigotry and injustice.? ?So feminists, then?? he asked wryly. ?Mostly.? ?In all… more »


  11:38:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 702 words  
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Breed: Twenty-two

?Welcome back to the land of the living,? Linc said. He handed her a steaming cup of coffee. ?Noticed you stirring, so I microwaved it. That's probably the third time, so hopefully it doesn't taste too gamey.? ?How long did I sleep?? Roxy… more »


  07:54:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 901 words  
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Breed: Twenty-one

?She was scared,? Mayumi said softly. ?I can't even imagine Roxy scared,? Mikaela said, opening the door into the Saunders Sciences building. ?She had a gun. I don't think it was hers.? ?But she wasn't hurt?? ?Not physically.?… more »
  07:52:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 1892 words  
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Breed: Twenty

?Thanks, for coming with me,? Mahmoud said from inside the quiet car. ?After the day I've had, I think I would have been a quivering puddle by now without you.? ?It's no big deal,? Rox said noncommittally. ?Don't minimize. That's why… more »


  03:34:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 818 words  
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Breed: Nineteen

Mikaela glanced at the seat across from her. Between the whirring engine of the helicopter, and their conspiratorial tones, she couldn't tell what Mahmoud and Rox were talking about, but that at least meant that they hadn't heard their discussion,… more »


  02:31:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 901 words  
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Breed: Chapter Eighteen

?You said I was 'your kind,'? Mahmoud said, trying to keep up as they walked through the labyrinthine corridors. ?Like black? Muslim? Transhuman?? Mikaela smiled. ?The trifecta,? she said. ?So you're all?? he said, gesturing to all… more »


  02:51:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 1189 words  
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Breed: Seventeen

Mikaela tensed as she went through the metal detector. She went through everything on her person, wondering what might set it off, and whether or not that would set off the cop. ?See, nothing to worry about,? the uniformed officer said, handing… more »


  12:45:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 959 words  
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Breed: Sixteen

Roxy had never flown in a helicopter before. Watching cities fly past beneath as the sun began to set was an entirely new experience. She still wasn't sure how to feel about Mikaela. Something about her rubbed Rox the wrong way, but especially now, on… more »


  12:48:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 682 words  
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Breed: Fifteen

Dean Kean was waiting outside for them, adjusting his tie. He smiled at Mikaela. ?I'm sorry to have used go-betweens. While your phones are indeed on record, I find it unnerves people if I call them completely out of the blue. And I knew you were with… more »


  12:18:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 810 words  
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Breed: Fourteen

A television anchor stared into the camera, and licked her lips before beginning. ?Early reports confirm that the leak of the NSA spying program was a response to the arrest earlier today of 14 year old Mahmoud Mohammad.? They flashed video clearly… more »


  01:36:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 642 words  
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Breed: Thirteen

?I'm sure it would be less dramatic if you just told us what was going on,? Linc said. ?And I'm sure it wouldn't suffice,? Anita said, switching on the television in his office. The students crowded inside, around them in a half moon. She… more »


  04:14:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 1700 words  
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Breed: Twelve

?The prodigals return,? Linc said as Mayumi, Mikaela and Drake arrived, each holding a steaming drink carrier with four mugs in them. ?Is this the real reason you paid for our coffee?? Mikaela asked. ?So we'd mule some back for you??… more »


  02:11:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 1579 words  
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Breed: Eleven

?I'm still not sure why I'm here,? Drake said nervously as they passed the smoking field. ?Moral support,? Mikaela offered. ?And because Demi had to work. And maybe to ogle high school girls.? ?Or possibly be exploded by ultimate… more »

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