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The Cost of Doing Business


  02:32:47 am, by Nic Wilson   , 235 words  
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The Cost of Doing Business

I'm not sure anyone's seeing this, right now. Apparently, my site has been blacklisted by McAfee, so anyone using SiteAdvisor can't hear me. Okay, so all two of you out there still using SiteAdvisor aren't seeing me.

To be clear, on my site report, there are no web safety testing results at all. There are also no user complaints. So it isn't even clear what the potential problem could be. I suspect, this is another in a long line of false positives, which McAfee refuses to acknowledge or clear up quickly. You can view the report here.

More paranoid people out there have speculated that it's part of a protection racket, McAfee trying to create customers for their verified safe trustmark. And frankly, I can't find a reason for us all not to be reaching for our tin foil hats, right now. 

If this were a commercial site, if I were trying to sell you things, this could potentially be a huge problem. And it does affect my brand- and my ability to market myself. But it isn't the game changing that it would be if I wanted to sell you plungers with Obama's face on them or something.

I've already started the apparently tedious process of having the report corrected. But it's been days already, with no change, and without even confirmation from McAfee that they've been notified of the errors. So it's a waiting game.  

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