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The Audience is Listening


  08:43:03 am, by Nic Wilson   , 280 words  
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The Audience is Listening

They say everyone has a story to tell, and I?ve yet to meet a single person who didn?t; quite a few of them planned on putting that story to paper. The real question is: can you find your audience?


There are prominent digital authors who, in the last year, found theirs. Amanda Hocking, for example, thanked ?book bloggers? for her monumental (and remarkably quick) success. JA Konrath attributes his successes to tireless marketing, much of the old-fashioned trail-stomping variety, but he?s certainly been no slouch in the digital arena, either.  


But with bookstores losing their clout (and frequently these days, their leases), how do you build a brand? Admittedly, that?s the question of this blog, the higher purpose of this intronet quest I?m embarking on. But right now? Embedding. Going to places like the kindleboards forum, and interacting with an audience (and note very specifically the page I linked to, which is a crash-course for writers there).  


The rub is that nobody likes to be pitched to. Hell, I purposely tune out advertising, as much out of spite and annoyance as at the clunkiness of it. But a writer?s career is only partially writing (Konrath, at least early Konrath, put the balance of writing to marketing at 30/70- in marketing?s favor). So those channels we all hate, that annoy the bejeezus out of us, those are now your lifeblood. And mine.


But there are readers out there. Kindleboards proves that there are still hungry, voracious readers who really do want something new and vibrant to discover. They want you to tell them a story, you just have to figure out how to talk to them.

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