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Building a Digital Novel


  09:38:00 am, by Nic Wilson   , 230 words  
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Building a Digital Novel

This is a blueprint, for me as well as everyone else. And feel free to shout at me if I've missed anything in my accounting.






I have the manuscript, several drafts in. I've got people who are reading it even now, to find and fix errors and make suggestions. But I'm weighing having a professional editor take a whack at it. With a very large stick. Even though this is a novella, I'm expecting a minimum price of around $100.


I think I?m going to do the digital formatting myself (after all, I bought a kindle so I could tweak it on the fly). But if I were to hire someone to do the formatting, you're looking at another $200.


I should be able to do the cover on my own, but it must look professional; I know this because I often buy books solely because the cover intrigues me, and if the internet can be trusted, so do many others. And in digital publishing even more so than legacy, the cover sells the book. And that gives me pause. Because even looking at some "professional" designers, I can't help but feel that they look amateurish, with pricing ranging from $300 up.  I have a friend who designs for a living. I think I'll talk to him about doing it, or at least see if I can't bounce some ideas off his noggin.  

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