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This blog entry, titled "Why We Shouldn't Blog" in the ebook version from Konrath, begins on a down note. And I'll admit, he almost had me snookered. At the very least, he knew my worries, my insecurities, and played them like that anthropomorphic harp in Jack and the Beanstalk played herself (that sounded dirtier than it was supposed to).

But it's all a ruse. You're not wasting your time blogging. Because blogging is a conversation (all good social media/marketing is). Hell, your audience may be nonexistant right now- so it might literally be a conversation with the ether. But if you build it, they will come- well, probably. There are no guarantees- in life and in particular in this career. But building a blog, and filling it with interesting and useful things, is a part of broadening your online footprint, a way of making sure that when people look for things (other than your name) they're that much more likely to find you.

I believe I first heard about Amanda Hocking (and Konrath, for that matter) from a Huffington Post blog, I think, but it wasn't until I started reading her blog that I became curious about her work. I've since bought one of her books, whicn I will read shortly.

But on that note, Konrath has a very lengthy post on ebook promotion. If you have even a passing interest, you should read it in full. 

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