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Thanksgiving Post-Apoc sale!


  12:57:00 pm, by Nic Wilson   , 90 words  
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Thanksgiving Post-Apoc sale!

Looking for books for the holidays? Does your kitchen looks like it belongs in the Fallout games? Or do you just need to witness the depths of human depravity in order to prepare for a holiday witnessing... the depths of human depravity? Sounds like you, my friend, need some good ol' after the end of the world yarns.

My post apocalyptic title Homeless will be on sale $.99 November 23rd-29th, as well as these other titles.


Nicolas Wilson - Homeless

Michelle Browne - The Underlighters

Rubberman's Cage

Joseph Picard - Rubberman's Cage

Ignition Point

Kate Corcino - Ignition Point

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