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Old Ventures 2: Refuge Epilogue


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Old Ventures 2: Refuge Epilogue

This may or may not make it into the ending, but America... you deserve something nice today. You made a very old-feeling man have hope, if only a little.
* * *
"Honey," Rose said, tracing her hand along the back of his lounger, before tussling his hair, "you can come to bed. The country will still be here in the morning."
Jack hit refresh on his phone again, while turning up the volume on the news on his TV. "I'm not so sure," he said, his voice trembling. His eyes were painfully red, his back hunched.
Rose knelt beside his chair, and kissed his hand. "The speed they tally results isn't impacted by the number of devices you're checking them on," she said, taking hold of his remote hand, and preventing him from picking up his tablet with it. "Drump lost the House. Even if they keep the Senate, that provides a check on his fascism spreading, a bulwark against his hate and aggression. And what about this?"
She took his phone and scrolled through several screens. "Michigan voted to expand voting rights," she added. "Florida voted to return the franchise to former felons. I know a not-mixed result would have been cleaner, and anything other than a full repudiation of this administration and its cruelty and bigotry is a lingering stain on our country... but the one place Americans have surprised me, they're overwhelmingly for voting rights. Despite the shenanigans of elected Republicans, the rank and file don't believe it's worth destroying this country, so long as they get to rule over its ashes. And that's something special."
"You're right," Jack said, and picked up his remote control and turned off the TV, "that is something. And the country will still be here come the morning. And there's more fighting to do. This is a war of inches, and tonight, we nearly took a foot. Tomorrow the real work begins. But tonight," he leaned over and kissed her lips, "tonight the country didn't end. It's important to take some time, and appreciate that, and the effort it took to get here. I'm fucking proud of us all."

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